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April 21-22, 2020

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Seeking to Amp Up Your Agile Facilitation Mastery?

Tired of hearing your teams complain about they hate meetings? There are too many meetings? Sitting in silence, on their phones and arguing just to be heard?


Designing meetings that are engaging, collaborative, purposeful, fun and obtain desired results
Developing a deeper sense of self-awareness, an enhanced ability to self-manage and have a strong presence to show up for your team(s)
Developing the skills to read the room in order to discover what the group needs and which direction to guide them

Then this is the Class for YOU! – Target Audience:
Agilists, Leaders, Scrum Master, Agile Coaches, Agile team member anyone wanting to have collaborative and engaging purpose-led and outcome-focused meetings and workshops.
How you will Emerge & Have Immediate Impact:
In-Depth understanding and in class practice of your facilitator’s mindset and stance. Plus, how to obtain, maintain and employ neutrality in the most toxic and chaotic teams and environments.
New tools for your Toolkit that focus on specific situations so you will increase collaborative conversations, get to the true why, encourage good conflict that removes barriers for success and how to simmer dysfunctional behaviors, understand the why of the behavior and turn them into productive behaviors

The 8 Keys highly engaging, collaborative and outcome driven experiences:
how you show up as a facilitator – mindset(being) and competencies(doing)
create space for collective knowledge and innovation to emerge
embracing and maintaining neutrality
emotional intelligence to create from chaos – the Balancing Act
start with purpose led and outcome focused design
live the agile values and principles
hold the group’s purpose
Ability to shift to what the group needs
Detailed Overview
You will be Immersed into a 2-day deep dive, fun and game changing experience where you will learn/practice techniques for conflict resolution, dysfunctional behaviors, collaborative conversations, Agile Practices – plus so much more?
Heightened awareness of yourself and others to fully embody the facilitator mindset – How do you show up in the front of the room. We dive into your Emotional Intelligence.
Design techniques to engage purpose-led & outcome-focused activities for team success.
Create your own professional facilitation toolkit to AWAKEN your Agile meetings!
Grow your Adaptive leadership skills to navigate through behaviors and conversations that halt teams and turn them into create brilliant conversations for success
Experience the benefits of co-facilitating Agile meetings for varying team maturity levels
Learn the Secret Sauce formula to designing successful small to large scale facilitation
Take away in-depth new knowledge, competencies and mindset skills you can quickly transfer and apply in your world

Together, Let’s Thrive & Embrace Business Agility!
Real Learning = Talk/Listen + Demo/Observe + Practice/Feedback

o We: Talk, Demo, Give Real Time Feedback

o You: Listen/Practice- Observe-Practice-Feedback/Practice some More!
Freebies, Extras and More
FREE disc personality test with every purchase
Catered lunch, energizing snacks, tea, coffee and water throughout the day
Student book and toolkit with experience cards, techniques, re-usable templates & references
Virtual group call one week after workshop to further instill what you learned & practiced
You become part of the Success Agility Family- Slack, FaceBook, LinkedIn and more
Become eligible for the Train the Trainer program and receiving mentoring/coaching to teach our courses to broaden your skillset
Discounts on upcoming workshops and organizational engagements as a Success Agility family member
Tips on Remote Facilitation, Facilitation Guide, and many more

Participants are eligible for the ICAgile Team Facilitation Certification upon completion of this course. Note: In order to receive this certification, you cannot miss more than one hour of class time and complete the Day 2 “putting it all together” event.
16 Scrum Alliance SEUs
16 PMP PDU’s

Find out more at: https://successagility.net/usa-agile-team-facilitator/https://successagility.net/usa-agile-team-facilitator/

Location: San Diego, CA