Government Lean-Agile Software and Systems Conference (GLASScon)

June 11-12, 2019

GLASScon was started as an event when there were no venues for people to exchange information. While it would be highly desirable to have this as a pure open space event, it is next to impossible to get Govt approval authorities for events with no published list of speakers. GLASScon uses iterations of short presentations and then iterates through the audience proposing topics, and then a discussion. The short presentations are used to provoke thought. In addition, we attempt to keep this free from typical Govt contractors, thus sponsor support is not sought from those organizations that would typically love to donate as they want contact lists and sales time. (This in contrast to an Agile in Govt conference run by NDIA where they specifically set 30 minute blocks for business development people to make contacts and pitch to Federal employees. As a result, actual Federal attendance is low out of the entire audience.)

The primary purpose of the conference is spark new ideas and conversations between Federal employees that rarely get teh opportunity to collaborate across agencies.

More info on the conference can be found on these pages:

Location: Falls Church, VA