Free Webinar: Business Agility with the Agile Transformation Kata

September 8, 2021


In this free webinar, I will demonstrate how the Agile Transformation Kata (ATK) can be used to incrementally add value and change throughout the entire organization to achieve more business agility. With two examples, one from from procurement and one from human resources, we will demonstrate typical challenges in organizations that limit their business agility. Recognizing those challenges, we will then showcase how the Agile Transformation Kata addresses these common concerns and enable deep, long-lasting change and a higher degree of business agility.

There is a reason why our Agile Transformation Kata training is an accredited course in the business agility learning path of ICAgile. When agile coaches and leaders in organizations applying the Agile Transformation Kata, not only an IT department is impacted by an agile transformation. Many departments are interface with agile teams and procedures and policies need to be adjusted to make the business as whole more nimble. We will be looking at two very typical interfaces (procurement and HR) and you will walk away from this webinar with two practical starting points to drive your transformations forward.

Location: (Zoom) Virtual Eastern Time Zone (New York City)