Facilitation with Liberating Structures – NYC Immersion workshop

February 28, 2020

This Immersion Workshop is designed to introduce you to a large number of Liberating Structures very rapidly – it’s a fast cycle “see one, do one, teach one, do another one” method of learning. The idea is to create awareness of the range of possibilities that Liberating Structures open up. Learning this fit-for-purpose collection of facilitation practices will help you amplify voices, engage even most introverted participants, open new possibilities for collaboration, innovation and inclusion in your group.

Workshop Objectives
– Gain hands-on experience of a variety of the 33+ Liberating Structures
– Understand the underlying structural elements of Liberating Structures
– Learn how to design meetings and engagements by combining Liberating Structures into strings
– Explore how to apply Liberating Structures with your teams and your organizations

Location: Midtown Manhattan, NY