DevOps ICU: Improving Software Dev Results Through Improved Processes and Workflows

January 23-25, 2019

UX is driving you crazy, a black throwing off timelines and killing ideas. UX doesn’t seem Lean or Agile. They’re too siloed and not collaborating well with engineering. Can’t anybody make wireframes? Can’t we circumvent or exclude these people?

Companies are figuring out that UX specialists and the User-Centered Designed process are good investments that more than pay for themselves.

The software development process starts long before developers write their first line of code. Learn how UX specialists conduct user research; design your entire product, app, website, or system; validate it through user testing; iterate to fix flaws; and deliver vetted blueprints so you can build once. Learn how UX fits into Agile and how to improve collaboration and culture.

Join us in January outside of San Francisco, CA for 2 days on integrating UX and 1 day on learning from the agility of startups. Private on-site training is also available.

Take $100 off the per person registration on-site or joining remotely. Use code ALLIANCE.

Location: Redwood Shores, CA