July 14, 2018

Be among the first in the world to complete the Path to CSP with your CSP-SM® certification. Gain real-world experience by leading an organizational Agile transformation guided by our Scrum Alliance® Certified Coaches. Learn the skills necessary to influence change, lead transformation in your organization and elevate product delivery. The CSP-SM certification is one step away from the CST, CTC and CEC guide level certifications.

- 10 weekly sessions, 90 minutes each, with one in the middle designated as a break.

- Join from anywhere in the world as each session is held over videoconference.

- Each session is recorded so you'll never miss a thing.

- Groups are kept small (never more than 5 participants) and each program is guided by two Scrum Alliance® Certified Coaches, ensuring that no one gets lost in the crowd.

- Participants have access to an online discussion forum where they can interact with our coaches and each other as they progress through the program.

- Participants can expect to engage with all levels of their organization as they complete 1 - 3 hours of offline work between sessions.

-A Scrum Alliance Advanced - Certified ScrumMaster ℠ (A-CSM) certification is required as a prerequisite to participating in our CSP-SM coaching program.

- In addition to graduating from our CSP-SM program, participants must have two years' of experience working as a ScrumMaster prior to obtaining the CSP-SM credential, however, this experience may be gained before, during or after attending our program.

- Total cost for the program is 2199 CAD (early bird discount available up until 14 days before program start).

- July 14 @ 10 am MDT
- Or request a time that works for you

Location: Online