Dec 12-15, 2022


Scrum@Scale is not a standard agile scaling method like SAFe, LeSS and Nexus. It doesn’t provide you with a recipe, which at times might be scary. Scrum@Scale instead asks questions and requires you to experiment with answers. As such – in our humble view – Scrum@Scale actually deserves to be called a framework. A framework which helps an entire organization to become more agile.

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Even hard core fans of the aforementioned established scaling methods admit that these should be considered a stepping stone towards a more flexible, nimble organization. Never should the method or framework become the goal itself. It is just a means to an end.

Therefore, we regularly ask ourselves “What now?”. What comes after we have implemented Squads, Tribes, Chapters and Guilds? What do we do when the release train isn’t arriving often enough any more? What is next after we have mastered developing medium-sized products using LeSS? How do we make the organization itself more agile, not just our product development?