Certified Scrum Product Owner Training

May  16-17 2019

Seminar Objectives

This certification course provides a detailed understanding of the scrum team-based approach to iterative development. The course trains participants in the full range of scrum topics, from basic theory to organizational implementation, including practical applications, roles, and scaling.
In addition, this course provides a thorough overview of the product owner’s role within a scrum team for maximizing product business value.

Scrum methods support responsible development that:
• Adapts to volatile business needs and ongoing refinement of business solutions
• Drives efficient and effective production
• Ensures closer adherence to customers’ real-world needs through streamlined planning
• Supports faster deployment of production-grade solutions so your organization can gain market advantage and business value
• Reduces project risk through rapid iterations of development that inform opportunity assessments.

When this course has been completed, attendees will have gained in-depth practical knowledge of the scrum system and its benefits and the product owner role.

Seminar Overview

This course assumes basic understanding of agile development. Attending our Certified Scrum Master or Agile Essentials class prior to this course is recommended, but not necessary.
Topics included in this course are:
• Scrum concepts
- Theory and principles
- How the scrum system supports agile development increments
- Planning and tracking with scrum
- Shippable functionality
- Product owner, scrum master and development team roles

• In-depth understanding of the product owner role, including
- Establishing the product goals
- Delivering Return on Investment
- Becoming the expert on product features
- Maintaining the required features in the product backlog
- Estimating requirements with a development team
- Prioritizing product backlog items
- Representing the customer
• Scrum artifacts
- Product backlog
- Sprint backlog
- Burndown charts
• Scrum meetings
- Sprint planning
- Daily scrum
- Sprint review
• Tips on, techniques for and benefits of helping clients and management understand the scrum system.
• How to transition into use of scrum, with a review of management and team challenges associated with the transition, along with strategies to respond to those challenges

Location: Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center 3121 Gold Canal Dr. Rancho Cordova, CA 95670