Certified Scrum Developer Essentials Training Week

August 13-17, 2018

This immersive, forty-hour Agile training course contains a set of three comprehensive component courses that provide the knowledge and skills to become a successful Scrum developer and a valuable member of a Scrum development team. Our first Agile course is Scrum Framework Developer Essentials, in which you will explore the Scrum Framework and how it supports faster and simpler software development. In the second Agile training course, Design Pattern Developer Essentials, you’ll discover a core set of design patterns that every developer should know. This program concludes with our popular Scrum Software Developer Essentials Agile training course, in which you’ll learn how to write higher quality code more quickly and with fewer defects using practices from Extreme Programming (XP) that include test-first development, refactoring, and emergent design, as well as a variety of Agile problem-solving techniques. For more information and to register, visit https://tobeagile.com/training.

Location: San Diego, CA