Certified DevOps Simulation Trainer workshop (Lego&Chocolate)

December 14, 2019

Unique opportunity to get trained by Dana Pylayeva – the author of one of the most effective DevOps Culture simulation – with Lego and Chocolate.
This workshop with prepare your for DevOps Simulation Certified Trainer exam (DSCT) from CertiProf© and help you gain competitive advantage in DevOps and DevSecOps training marketplace.
The simulation is designed for a broad audience, enabling participants to gain the insights into the “Why” and the “What” of the DevOps before jumping into the “How”.
Through this powerful role-based simulation, participants experience the benefits of cross-training, learn to eliminate silos, “shift left” on security, adopt systems thinking and practice optimizing the flow of value from business to development and to IT operations.
This workshop uses cognitive neuroscience principles, game design theory and elements of “Training from the Back of the Room” framework. It leverages the power of Liberating Structures to facilitate effective debriefing for the participants.

Pick from the following two options:
Option 1 (3 hours) – DevOps Culture – experience the simulation (with Lego and Chocolate) + receive 50% off DSCP exam ($75 value)

Option 2 (6 hours, includes lunch) – Train-the-Trainer Class + free access to DSCT exam($200 value) + DevOps Culture Starter Kit.

Location: NYC Seminar and Conference Center | 71 West 23rd Street | New York, NY 10010