An Agile Coach’s role in creating Cultural Awareness and Role-Modeling for Coherence presented by Richard Dolman

June 17, 2020

Agile Alliance

Helping an organization through an Agile transformation is more than simply an exercise in learning or doing Scrum. The very essence of Agile is being adaptive in the face of change and ‘change’ means that the status quo of today will be replaced with something new. This disruption permeates our organization’s culture as much as our systems, processes, hierarchies and other norms.

Agile Coaches need to be adept at helping organizations navigate that disruption, just as much as coaching them to adopting Agile or Scrum principles and practices. Culture is the manifestation of an organization’s or community’s values, norms, beliefs, behaviors, rituals and traditions. It will define and constrain the boundaries of change. Because of this, it’s not something that can be explicitly changed, but it can shift over time given the proper awareness.

This session will explore a few helpful models to contextualize change, culture and coaching and we’ll discuss the ways in which a Coach can help create that awareness and model the behaviors and mindset needed for leaders and practitioners to embrace and take ownership for sustainable change.

Location: Virtual Event: zoom link provided after registration