Agility with Emerging Technologies & Beyond IT

May 18-19, 2018

With Agility making inroads in different areas of work we wish to know and also propagate the applicability of Agile in different areas, hence we have this year a knowledge enriching conference with below themes,

1) Agility with Emerging Technologies– APGI is always excited to take up this hot topic that covers the role of Agile in emerging technologies like SMAC, IoT, Design Thinking, User experience Design, CI, CD, and DevOps. There may be a touch upon a few Product Management related topics too.

2) Agile Beyond IT – Addresses the need of Agile in Non-IT functions like HR, supply chain, support services and non-IT industries like manufacturing, construction, healthcare, education. APGI’s vision here is to open the doors for people and show what Agile, lean techniques like Kanban can offer them.
3) Enterprise Agility – Is an umbrella that encapsulates some excerpts of Business Agility, Scaling, Large Scale Agile Transformation success stories, etc.
4) Building Agile Teams – Focuses on the aspects of Coaching, mentoring, leadership, mindset and culture changes,Gamification, etc.

Location: Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK