Agile Virtual Summit

June 1-5, 2020

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Level Up your skills with some of your favorite Agilists!
  • Lyssa Adkins
  • Jim Benson
  • Diana Larsen
  • Clinton Keith
  • Ronica Roth
  • Tricia Broderick
  • Peter Green
  • Jimi Fosdick
  • Adam Weisbart
  • Chris Li
  • Richard Kasperowski
  • ​Tamsen Mitchell
  • Kim Brainard
  • Paul Tevis
  • Michelle Johnson
  • Amy Burtaine


As agilists, we thrive on making personal connections with our teammates, organizations, and others in our agile community.

But thriving has been hard during the last couple of months.

Really, really hard.

People are rightly worried about their loved ones, their health, and their jobs.

And if all that wasn’t enough, our favorite events have been canceled, making it impossible for us to connect with – and learn from – our friends and mentors.

Sadly, conference cancellations – while disappointing – are the least of our worries.  If you dare turn on the news these days, you’re bombarded with bad news about loss, fear, and sadness.

It’s scary and exhausting, and none of us know when the current calamity will end.

All this chaos makes it next to impossible to do what we as agilists do best: connect with others and discover better ways of working together.

But, if there’s one thing agilists are good at it’s responding to change over following a plan.

It’s clear that following the plans we all had a few months ago would be ridiculous.

So we’ve put together a *NEW* plan to bring some joy into our agile world, at a time we need it most.

…and we want *YOU* to be a part of it.

If you’re looking to connect with your friends, colleagues, and mentors for a week of learning, sharing, and connection, you’ve come to the right place…

Location: Online