Agile Management Northwest

September 16, 2019

The Agile Management Northwest one day conference is for managers, executives and leaders who use agile practices and techniques to help organizations find a better way of working. This conference provides a place to have conversations with leading agile practitioners, share stories, and explore new ideas.

Our theme this year is “Begin the Transformation with Us.” It seems like so much of transformation work is imposed by others, leading to change efforts that lack heart and authenticity. It’s time to change that approach. We need to begin with ourselves, personally, and with those most immediate to us. We need to be the change that the organization is looking for.

We are pleased to have the fabulous Christen McLemore deliver our keynote. Christen is a powerful new voice in the agile leadership space that you won’t want to miss. She speaks with passion, experience, and most importantly, authenticity.

This year’s conference is Monday September 16th, at the Brightwater Center. The event kicks off at 8:30 am with a continental breakfast, followed by a full day of open space sessions including lunch.

Registration: agile-management-northwest- tickets-61915954286

Location: Seattle, WA