Agile Mammoths Games 2019

March 14-15, 2019

From CONference to FUN-ference!

Join us at an Agile Project Management event, designed for IT specialists, where the main focus is experiential learning.
Following the basic principles of a conference, while adding elements of "playful design", we offer you a unique journey where participants will learn by accomplishing "missions", solving "mysteries", and deciphering "secrets".

By coming to the event you will:
- Have the opportunity to participate to an event with an innovative concept
- Be able to learn new things or consolidate the existing knowledge in a fun and engaging atmosphere
- Practice teamwork and competition with other teams to win as many points
- Practice Agile and Lean principles on the spot due to the nature of the competition:
*each team will develop its own strategy
*teams will self-organize and establish their priorities in order to fulfill their strategies
*teams can adapt their strategies during the lunch break
*teams will be scored depending on how well their missions were fulfilled
*teams will have a retrospective at the end of the event in order to evaluate their performance

For more details:

See you there,
Colors in Projects team 🙂

Location: Grand Hotel Italia, Cluj-Napoca, Romania