Agile Leadership Training [CAL-E]

May 16, 2023

About Certified Agile Leadership Essentials 

Certified Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E) courses bring awareness and understanding to the foundations of agile leadership. Discover the way agile leaders think, focus, and behave. The focus on agile leadership essentials equips you to embark confidently on the journey toward leading with agility and championing agile transformation in your workplace. 

What type of leadership is needed for the new Agile ways of working? The speed of change requires a mindset and tools beyond traditional command-and-control management that relies on subject matter expertise. How do we work with Agile teams? What’s our role and responsibilities? How should management and those in leadership roles act now? 

  • Do you want to improve your leadership, how you grow your team, and give and receive feedback? 
  • How do we empower others? Motivate them? Get them to talk in meetings and improve collaboration? 
  • What are the limits of “self-organization”? Can I still hold individuals accountable? 
  • How do we get leadership and management buy-in to support the Agile efforts, yet still hit delivery dates?


*We are a proud part of the Agile Leadership Journey. ALJ is an international group of over two dozen top agile leadership coaches and trainers delivering consistent, top-quality interactive workshops across a half-dozen timezones. ALJ was founded by Pete Behrens, who developed both the CAL and Certified Enterprise Coach program.