Agile for Humanity 2020 Conference

October 15, 2020


The Agile for Humanity conference was born out of the massive civil unrest in 2020. As more people open their eyes to the social injustice Blacks, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) face every day, many are looking for a way to make things better in their own communities and their own workplaces. We organized this conference to create a space where BIPOC can connect to discuss the challenges to equity and inclusivity and to define a way to make things tangibly better.

Our conference will utilize an Open Space Technology format (unconference), to allow people to discuss the topics that they are passionate about. Our goal is to create a space for BIPOC to develop skills that build economic and trust experiences. The topic producers – also known as “conveners”— will guide each session, with attendees contributing to the conversation and learning. We would like to see more speakers and leaders rise as agile leaders across multiple domains.

Location: Virtual