Agile Fluency Gathering 2019

November 4-6, 2019

Calling all Agile Coaches and Leaders, strengthen your ability to help teams and organizations. Bring your experiences, your questions, and your new ideas to contribute to the conversations. Learn more about the full Agile Fluency Suite. Come ready to engage with others on their Agile Fluency journeys.

Join James Shore and Diana Larsen, the authors of the Agile Fluency Model, for this engaging and interactive event! We will offer an introduction to the Agile Fluency Suite and an update on the Agile Fluency Project. There will be interactive sessions on sharing cases, on experiences using the model and methods, as well as exploration of new tools and techniques. In the evening, we will play games and network. We will have deeper dives for those who are experienced with Agile Fluency materials, and discovery sessions for those who have just begun your journey.

Location: Graylyn International Conference Center, Winston-Salem, NC USA