Agile Fluency Facilitators Workshop

June 10-August 5, 2021


A 3-month course designed by James Shore and Diana Larsen to inspire dramatic leaps in your Agile coaching practice, the Agile Fluency Facilitators Workshop is specifically suited for experienced Agile change agents. Upon completion, participants will become a licensed Agile Fluency Facilitator with access to the Online Diagnostic tool, and a listing on our Agile Fluency Diagnostic webpage, among other benefits. The Agile Fluency Facilitators Workshop has been delivered in a remote, international learning environment since 2017.

We invite you to experience the highest level of attention and practice for yourself in this premier public workshop. Learn more and see what our past students have to say here on our website, , or at the registration link below.

This workshop is limited to 6 participants and will take place on Thursdays at 5:00 pm EDT / Fridays at 07:00 AEST.

Location: Online