Agile Days Istanbul

April 4, 2019

Agile Days Istanbul will be held on 4 April 2019 at InterContinental Istanbul Hotel in 4 parallel tracks. The purpose of Agile Days of Istanbul is to support and spread agility.
Agile Days Istanbul 2019 will have a total of 26 sessions and workshops. In addition to major Agile transformation experiences in Turkey. 27 speakers from 12 different countries will be on stage at Agile Days Istanbul 2019. With creative & professional event management understanding and strong content, Agile Days Istanbul 2019 will be the region's most agile and most exciting event.
The theme of the Agile Days Istanbul 2019 is Organizational Agility !
All organizations, whether small or large, need individuals who understand how important and impactful adaptability and agility are to overall success. Agile nurtures a culture of transparency, continuous learning, and tolerance of failure, often involving servant leadership, middle managers as player-coaches, self-organizing and self-directed teams, and more.By attending Agile Days Istanbul 2019 you will learn how you can help your organization embrace the opportunities in change, disruption, and transformation.

Location: InterContinental Istanbul Hotel