Agile Australia 2019

June 25-26, 2019

The theme for AgileAus19 is ‘the Agile Mindset’. The conference streams are:
- Closer to the customer
- Leading change
- The fundamentals
- The learning organisation
- Towards technical excellence
Speakers confirmed thus far include:
  • Mark Dodgson - Professor of Innovation Studies, UQ School of Business – University of QLD
  • Hakan Forss - Lean and Agile Enterprise Coach, Flow Behave FB
  • Jez Humble - Author, Speaker, DevOps Research and Assessment LLC
  • Emma Murray - Mindfulness Coach, Richmond Football Club
  • Sharda Nandram - Professor, Nyenrode Business University and Chair, Buurtzorg
  • Rebecca Parsons - CTO, ThoughtWorks
  • Ali Walker - Lecturer and Research Fellow,  Centre for Social Impact
  • Marty Cagan - Partner, Silicon Valley Product Group

Location: Hilton Hotel, Sydney, Australia