The Future of Women in Agile

An Online Panel Co-Presented by Agile Alliance & Agile Testing Days

March 24, 2021 | Online

The Future of Women in Agile
Forms of Agile in different Cultures and Times

After the great success of our first panel “20 Years of Women in Agile” we will now take a look into the future of Agile.  Agile Alliance and Agile Testing Days are co- presenting a virtual panel discussion on the many forms and the evolution of Agile practice and adaptation. Join us on Wednesday, March 24 at 3 PM (EDT) when we’ll explore the future of women in Agile in different parts of the world.

Ellen Grove and Janet Gregory have invited an illustrious round of guests to share their experiences and thoughts on how the Agile approach will develop in the near and far future. Agile practitioners and thought leaders Johanna Rothman, Alex Schladebeck, Faiza Yousuf and Claudia Badell will take a sneak peak at what lies ahead. Our panel will consider where Agile came from and how it established itself over time, which challenges or boundaries for women have been overcome, and which still persist? How does the Agile movement and especially the role of women in Agile differ in various cultures?

Tune in to examine the future of women in Agile and the impact their work will continue to have on society.