Robert Martin, Sandi Metz to Keynote First-Ever Agile Alliance Technical Conference

Inaugural event in Raleigh, North Carolina tailored to Agile software developers will explore current and emerging technical practices

PORTLAND, Ore., February 8, 2016  — Agile Alliance today announced the program for the Agile Alliance Technical Conference (#AATC2016). The event, to be held April 7 - 9 in Raleigh, North Carolina, will focus on Agile values, principles and practices as applied to today’s technical work.

This groundbreaking event will feature keynotes by Robert Martin, Owner, Uncle Bob Consulting LLC; and Sandi Metz, Principal, TorqueForge, LLC.

Other speakers include Martin Fowler (ThoughtWorks), George Dinwiddie (iDIA Computing), Llewellyn Falco (Spun Labs), Maaret Pyhäjärvi (Granlund Oy), Woody Zuill (Hunter Industries), Laurie Williams (North Carolina State University Computer Science), Michael Nygard (Cognitect, Inc.), Alex Schladebeck (BREDEX GmbH), Fred George (Fred George Consulting), Neil Johnson (XtremeEDA), James Shore (Titanium I.T. LLC), Jeff (Cheezy) Morgan (LeanDog), Kate Falanga (Huge), Ardita Karaj (EPAM Canada), Kent Graziano (Snowflake), Matthew Dodkins (Bluefruit Software), James Grenning (Renaissance Software Consulting, Co.), Justin Searls (Test Double), Julie Lerman (The Data Farm), Melissa Perri (ProdUX Labs), Bryan Beecham (Industrial Logic), Rebecca Wirfs-Brock (Wirfs-Brock Associates), Chris Kozak (Thoughtworks), Amitai Schlair (Pillar Technology), and Mike Rogers (Software Engineering Professionals).

“Agile technical practices have long been moving beyond development to delivery, and even beyond software to include other technical disciplines,” said Phil Brock, Managing Director, Agile Alliance. “Don’t miss this opportunity to focus on the leading technical practices which are key to frequent delivery and a sustainable pace.”

Group discounts are available.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit the Agile Alliance website.

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