Agile Alliance Elects 2013 – 2014 Board of Directors

In an election conducted online, the membership of Agile Alliance overwhelmingly approved a slate of candidates for the Agile Alliance board of directors’ 2013-2014 board year.  The board makeup was announced at the annual member meeting held during Agile2013 in Nashville, Tennessee (USA).

The newest board member is Juan Banda from Bolivia.  Juan states:

“I envision the Agile Alliance as a strong and collaborative non-profit organization that embodies the values in the Agile Manifesto and really changes how software is built around the world. Further, I see the Agile Alliance as a connector that helps creative minds to keep collaborating and contributing to the profession as a whole.

I’m a mix of Developer, Project Manager, Professor, Coach, Trainer and Martial Artist; all these different disciplines contributed to help me internalize Agile values and provided me a broader perspective and creativity that I’m sure will benefit the board.

I come from a small country and I speak the language (Spanish) of a large community of Latin American professionals who still need to benefit from Agile. My background in outsourcing and now in the oil industry helped me to connect with professionals from different disciplines and countries while working effectively in distributed teams.”

Juan was elected to a new three year term.

Returning board members include Rebecca Parsons (two year term), Shane Hastie (three year term), Ola Ellnestam (three year term), and Jim Newkirk (one year term).

Additional members of the Agile Alliance board include Paul Culling, Pat Reed, Samuel Crescêncio, Declan Whelan, and Phil Brock.

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