Agile Alliance 2011/2012 Board of Directors Announced

August 11, 2011

The Agile Alliance announced results from its election for 2011/2012 Board of Directors members.

New to the board this year will be Rebecca Parsons (USA), Ola Ellnestam (Sweden), and Shane Hastie (New Zealand).    Members returning for an additional two-year term are Diana Larsen (USA) and Esther Derby (USA).

Mitch Lacey, chosen to be the chair of the Agile2012 conference in Grapevine, Texas, will join the board for a one-year term.

Continuing on the board for at least one more year are:  Linda Cook, Samuel Crescêncio, Paul Culling, Jim Newkirk, Pat Reed, Tamara Sulaiman and (Managing Director) Phil Brock.

The new board will have its next face-to-face meeting in Rome, Italy.