2015 Agile Alliance Board of Directors Candidate Statements

The Agile Alliance Board Nominations Committee has submitted a list of proposed candidates and candidate statements for consideration by Agile Alliance members.  These nominees will appear on the upcoming email ballot which will be sent to all Agile Alliance members. Candidates are put forward as a slate for approval by the membership.

Voting will begin on July 1 and continue through Tuesday evening, August 4, 2015. The annual member meeting will be held at the Gaylord National Hotel in National Harbor, Maryland during the Agile2015 conference, starting at 5:30 pm EDT on Wednesday, August 5 - at which time election results will be announced.

Candidate Statements

Rebecca Parsons (USA)

Looking at the current landscape facing the Agile Alliance, I see two areas of focus for the next board terms: Internationalization and balancing the needs of new entrants into the Agile community and those who are attempting to push the boundaries of Agile.  I am encouraged by the progress we’ve made in our international footprint, but we need to continue this focus. We have been funding a variety of initiatives, both member generated programs and board initiatives, to experiment with different events to address the second issue. These experiments are helping us to understand how to best serve you, the members of Agile Alliance. I hope to continue contributing to these efforts over the next two years, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve on the Board of Directors.

Paul Hammond (U.K.)

I'm a 20-year veteran of the software industry, and a 10-year convert to agile principles and practices for delivering software.

I am a senior Software Engineering leader at Microsoft, having worked here for the last 13 years. I am responsible for growing and leading large geographically dispersed agile development teams. Together, my teams and I have shipped large-scale web, mobile and communications products for both Skype and MSN which are enjoyed by hundreds of millions of users. Since 2005, and my discovery of agile, I have spearheaded agile adoption and long-term transformation of both my own and other organizations across Microsoft, and I have a deep perspective from a large-scale enterprise that seeks to work in an agile way.

Mentoring and coaching colleagues and teams has also been highly rewarding for me. As well as mentoring many colleagues across Microsoft, I've worked with individuals and teams from diverse companies such as Amazon, Google, and DC Thompson.

I discovered the Agile20XX Conference soon after my first experiences with agile practices - and attended my first conference in 2006. A pivotal experience for me, attending Agile2006 compelled me to get involved with the broader Agile Alliance community. I volunteered to help, and I've been fortunate enough to be part of the extended team since 2007. I reviewed and shepherded sessions from 2007 thru 2009, chaired various tracks in 2010, 2012 and 2013, chaired the People program in 2014 and I’m the Conference Chair for Agile2015. I fully understand what it takes to put together an exciting conference program, and being Conference Chair has given me unique insight into the Agile20XX Conferences.

I started my career as a developer, and I am still deeply connected with technology and technical practices. I play a hands-on role in guiding architectures, and write and review code frequently. I’d like to use this experience to better serve that part of our community.

I believe very strongly in the fundamental principles and practices of the Agile Manifesto. The Agile Alliance's mission to "support those who explore and apply Agile principles and practices to make the software profession more productive, humane, and sustainable" resonates with me deeply. I am eager to become more involved with other programs that Agile Alliance offers in support of its mission. It would be a great privilege to serve on the board of an organization who has given me many opportunities to learn and grow, and whose mission I believe in so deeply.

Victor Hugo Germano (Brazil)

I am a brazilian entrepreneur, working with Agile since 2004.

Before going mainstream, Agile was part of the gorilla tactics we used to deliver products and enjoy the process of software development. At the time, Courage was maybe the most important value we shared, and the urge to improve our interactions, processes and tools, an utmost constant. From coding dojos in Brazil, back in 2005, to running my own company, I've been working with agile teams and helping the Brazilian community grow from small user groups to National Conferences  with over 1000 participants.
I have worked on many roles within the software industry. I've delivered code in production as a Software Developer, worked as a Release Engineer helping create the hole Delivery pipeline that now is known as DevOps. Today, as Agile Coach, I help teams and companies take advantage of Agile processes and values to better deliver products. I'm also on the frontline of selling Agile Projects, which has gave me a lot of insigths on how to build contracts to support this different way of working. At the moment I'm engaged on reducing the pain of Product Development and Delivery, and on new ways to expand the Agile Values to entire companies, creating collaborative and democratic Enterprises.

As a Entrepreneur, I'm cofounder of Lambda3. Our vision is to improve the Software Development Discipline wherever we act, sharing our vision of quality and care for our profession. We aspire to create a company were participation, responsibility e transparency are keys to success, and we are willing to create a democratic workplace so that our peers thrive.

I'm fully engaged in the Brazilian community. Since 2005 I'm working on user groups and organizing conferences around Agile. I helped the very first Agile Publication in Brazil: Visão Ágil, and back in 2009, I helped organize the Ágiles 2009, in Florianópolis, with 400 participants. The conference was one of the first meeting points for local community leaders to interact, and I believe it was a crucial step to the creation of a strong and solid Brazillian Agile Conference. From that moment on, the list of conferences I've been speaking at are: Agile Brazil, Maré de Agilidade, Ágiles, Caipira Ágil, Linguágil, Agile Vale, The Developers Conference and many others. As part this work, I am also one of the Counselors for the Agile Alliance Brazil.

I believe that Agile Alliance is really necessary to expand the understanding of Agile Principles and Values. With practices and ideas are well spread around the industry, an Institution such as Agile Alliance can have real impact influencing the way the industry works, promoting Agile Software Development and using it's reach to help still not develop communities. As a board member, I hope to take part in this bigger community of individuals and companies, helping our industry achieve a more sustainable and enjoyable ecossystem.