2012/2013 Board of Directors Elected

The membership of Agile Alliance has approved and elected the 2012 / 2013 board of directors. The announcement was made at the annual member meeting, held during the Agile2012 conference in Dallas, Texas.

Members of the 2012/2013 board are:  Linda Cook (USA), Samuel Crescêncio (Brazil), Paul Culling (Canada), Ester Derby (USA), Ola Ellnestam (Sweden), Shane Hastie (New Zealand), Diana Larsen (USA), James Newkirk (USA), Rebecca Parsons (USA), Pat Reed (USA), and Declan Whelan (Canada).  Phil Brock (USA) continues to serve as managing director.

The board will have its next face-to-face meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, September 28 - 30, 2012.  At that time the board will elect new officers.