Candidate Statements

2018-2021 Board Term

Candidate Statements & Voting

Agile Alliance Members will receive an email with a link to vote for the slate of directors for the 2018-2021 term.

Election results will be reported at the annual member meeting during the Agile2017 conference in Orlando, Florida (USA).

If you are not a member, you can become one here.

Tricia Broderick

I have been active in the software development industry for over 20 years. Around 2000, a colleague introduced me to Extreme Programming (XP) as an alternative approach to help teach a client how to build a web application. The benefits from practices such as pair programming, test driven development, and small releases were immediately evident: I could help others learn how to develop high-quality software. While I loved the value XP brought, I ended up spending the next 5 years on large waterfall government projects. Then in 2005, I was exposed to the Agile Manifesto and Scrum. After struggling with our Agile transformation, that same desire of wanting to help others and myself learn returned full force. Thus, began my journey of intense experimentation by attending Agile Alliance conferences and trainings for the past 10 years in a variety of practitioner roles from Developer, ScrumMaster, Project Manager, and Director of Development. Today, I am an Agile Coach and Trainer with Agile For All.

The role of Agile Alliance is to support those who explore and apply Agile values, principles, and practices to make the software industry productive, humane, and sustainable. Personally, I have grown tremendously because of the connections facilitated by Agile Alliance. I’ve focused on continuously paying it forward by speaking or helping to organize theAgile20xx conference since 2010, including the privilege of being the Agile2017 Conference Chair.

As a member of the Agile community, I respect the challenges that may occur embracing Agile within and beyond IT. In addition, I have a great admiration of leaders who cultivate engaging organizations willing to tackle impediments. I believe being Agile is essential in our complex world – we need to continue to encourage new and innovative ways to deliver valuable software. Thus, I look forward to becoming more involved with other programs that Agile Alliance offers, especially when it comes to balancing the support of new entrants into the Agile community while also advocating for those advancing agile. As an Agile Alliance board member, I am eager to direct my passion, compassion and dedication towards helping the Agile community continue to make a difference.


Becky Hartman

I have always loved being a part of a team. I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from achieving a goal together, and have always enjoyed building a collaborative team atmosphere and engaging with others to get things done. It's the best feeling!

Nearly 20 years ago, I began my journey in Information Technology. After working on the technical side for a few years, I wrote myself into an urgently needed Project Manager position for my team. I soon realized that not only was I a good Project Manager, but I had found a way to make my team stronger and better and I wanted to foster this newly found passion. I immediately engaged my local PMI community and became active in the community. I served on my local PMI Chapter’s Board of Directors for 5 years, which included a stint as the Chapter President. Through this work and involvement, I came to learn about Agile and its deeper focus on teams and collaboration. So, I engaged the Agile community and immediately got involved. I’ve volunteered locally and nationally for meet-ups and conferences – including wearing the coveted purple shirt of Agile Alliance Volunteers - and often the purple tutu to match!

Recently, I was invited to participate in a collaborative project between PMI and Agile Alliance to create The Agile Practice Guide. As The Agile Practice Guide gets published later this summer, I feel more passionate than ever about strengthening the bridge between these two communities and the valuable tool The Agile Practice Guide will be in that construction. As an Agile Alliance Board Member, I would like to continue this important collaboration and help create other avenues that grow the understanding of Agile in the software industry around the world.


Heidi Musser

As a senior Executive, I have spent over 30 years leading and advising businesses on designing new operating & engagement models to drive digital transformation and achieve enterprise agility. My passion is 'managing the soft side of technology'© – through the adoption of fundamentally different ways of working, thinking and being.

A courageous leader and change agent, my Agile experience spans multiple decades and multiple industries. An active member of the Agile community, I am a co-creator of the Alliance’s Agile pilot Webinar Series on Business Agility and presented ‘The Agile Mindset and Enterprise Agility’ in May. I have been a member of Agile Alliance’s Supporting Agile Adoption Program since 2014. Additionally, I Co-Chaired Agile Alliance's Agile Executive Forum in 2013 and 2014. Today, I advise organizations on embracing the Agile mindset and Agile core principles to achieve enterprise Agility.

As a Board member, I will build on the foundation Agile Alliance has created since 2001 with a focus on uncovering even better ways of doing things to ensure the broadening and deepening of Agile methods throughout the world. The challenges we face today are not so much a question of expanding the scope of Agile beyond software development as it is embracing the Agile mindset and Agile’s core principles in all aspects of the enterprise software development capability. In this spirit, I will dedicate my energies to both filling knowledge gaps and overcoming constraints that are impediments to Agile methods & practices; and, enhancing communications and interactions with the broader business leadership community to ensure optimized and sustained Agile adoptions. Both outcomes share the same goal: enhancing the advancement of Agile in the enterprise Agility ecosystem.