Candidate Statements

2019-2021 Board Term

Candidate Statements & Voting

The Agile Alliance Board Nominations Committee has submitted a list of proposed candidates and candidate statements for consideration by Agile Alliance members.

These nominees will appear on the upcoming email ballot which will be sent to all Agile Alliance members. Voting will continue through Wednesday, August 8, 2018 – the evening of the Annual Agile Alliance Member meeting.

The member meeting will be held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in San Diego, California in the “Marriott Grand ballroom” (1 & 2), starting at 5:30 pm PDT.

If you are not a member, you can become one here.

Paul Hammond (United Kingdom)

I'm Paul Hammond, current Chair of the Agile Alliance Board, an a 23-year veteran of the software industry, and a 13-year convert to agile principles and practices for delivering software.

I am an experienced Software Engineering leader, with 15 years working at Microsoft (MSN and Skype), followed more recently by 2.5 years at eBay. I have a long history of helping teams ship large-scale web, mobile, commerce and communications products which are enjoyed by hundreds of millions of users. Since 2005, and my discovery of agile, I have spearheaded agile adoption and long-term transformation of both my own and other organizations across Microsoft and eBay, and I have a deep perspective from a large-scale enterprise that seeks to work in an agile way.

I was involved with the Agile20XX conferences in various roles between 2007 and 2015, culminating with the position of Conference Chair in 2015. I have had the privilege of serving on the Agile Alliance board since January 2016, and was selected as Chair of the Board for 2017 and 2018. Now, I am very happy and honoured to be considered for a second term on the Agile Alliance board from 2019-2021.

In my first term, I focused on a number of areas, including:

  • Playing a key role in restructuring the Agile Alliance Code of Conduct, making it more actionable, as well as elevating the conversation surrounding safety and inclusion in our industry.
  • Sitting on the Conference Steering Committee, which makes recommendations to the board for ongoing execution and expansion of our conference offerings.
  • Representing Agile Alliance in various forums: the Annual Members meeting, "Agile Tonight!" and other Agile20XX presentations, etc.
  • Board Liaison for deliver:Agile 2017 and 2018
  • Working with external partners to expand the depth and breadth of Agile – for example, with Brightline ( as one of Agile Alliance's representatives in the coalition.

If re-elected for the 2019-2021 term, I will continue to partner with my fellow board members and Agile Alliance staff on key initiatives. This would include:

  • Further expanding our international reach (through member initiatives, additional conferences, and other investments)
  • Providing more value to our Member community, by seeking a deeper understanding of our current value proposition to our members and then working to amplify and enhance the value we provide.
  • Ongoing and important work surrounding diversity, safety and inclusion in our industry.

Brian Button (United States)

My career began 30 years ago as a developer. I loved what I did - writing code, watching an application take shape, building my own brain child. I stayed away from the people-side of the business, focusing on embedded systems and scientific programming. As I grew and matured, I finally lifted my head and noticed there were other people in the room, too. I thought, “Hmmm, maybe if we worked together, we can create something even better than I can do myself…” That single thought began my journey to Agile.

I still fancy myself a developer, but the truth is I’ve grown far beyond that. Professionally, I lead an Agile transformation affecting many thousands of people. I’m very careful to stay true to the Values and Principles of the Agile Manifesto as I lead my team and those we serve. Outside of work, I indulge my passion for helping the Agile community grow both locally and across the US. Starting in 2001, I founded the first XP user group in my region, followed by other user groups and meetups over the years. I lead several local conferences, teach TDD at meetups and hackathons, write blogs and articles, and am pretty well known across the area as “The Agile Guy”. My license plate is even AGLEXP! More nationally, I’ve been heavily involved with Agile Alliance, contributing by speaking, reviewing, and leading many of our conferences, including being conference chair for Agile2016, AATC2017, and Agile2018.

Agile Alliance is obviously the leading voice in the Agile world.  As Agile matures, it continues changing and expanding. New roles are introduced, larger and more complex organizations are trying to adopt and adapt Agile to their needs, and Business Agility is becoming the new hot trend. As things change, strong leadership is needed to help Agile Alliance adapt and grow as well. As a board member, I plan on using my depth of experience with agility at all levels to help lead us all forward, while still keeping in mind the same Values and Principles upon which Agile was originally founded.

Victor Hugo Germano (Brazil)

I am a Brazilian entrepreneur, working with Agile since 2004.  Before going mainstream, Agile was part of the guerrilla tactics we used to deliver products and enjoy the process of software development. At the time, courage was maybe the most important value we shared, and the urge to improve our interactions, processes and tools was a constant. From coding dojos in Brazil back in 2005, to running my own company, I've been working with Agile teams and helping the Brazilian community grow from small user groups to national conferences with over 1000 participants.

I have worked on many roles within the software industry. I've delivered code in production as a software developer, worked as a release engineer helping create the whole delivery pipeline that now is known as DevOps. Today, as an Agile Coach, I help teams and companies take advantage of Agile processes and values to better deliver products. I'm also on the frontline of selling Agile Projects, which has given me a lot of insights on how to build contracts to support this different way of working. At the moment I'm engaged in reducing the pain of product development and delivery, and on new ways to expand Agile values to entire companies, creating collaborative and democratic enterprises.

As an entrepreneur, I'm co-founder of Lambda3. Our vision is to improve the software development discipline wherever we act, sharing our vision of quality and care for our profession. We aspire to create a company were participation, responsibility and transparency are keys to success.  We are willing to create a democratic workplace so that our peers thrive.

I'm fully engaged in the Brazilian community. Since 2005 I’ve worked on user groups and organizing conferences around Agile. I helped the very first Agile publication in Brazil: Visão Ágil, and back in 2009, I helped organize the Ágiles 2009 conference, in Florianópolis, with 400 participants. The conference was one of the first meeting points for local community leaders to interact, and I believe it was a crucial step in the creation of a strong and solid Brazilian Agile conference. From that moment on, the list of conferences I've been speaking at includes: Agile Brazil, Maré de Agilidade, Ágiles, Caipira Ágil, Linguágil, Agile Vale, The Developers Conference and many others. As part this work, I am also one of the advisors for the Agile Alliance Brazil conference.

I believe that Agile Alliance is really necessary to expand the understanding of Agile principles and values. With practices and ideas that are spread around the industry, an Institution such as Agile Alliance can have real impact influencing the way the industry works, promoting Agile Software Development and using its reach to help still undeveloped communities.  As a board member, I hope to continue to take part in this larger community of individuals and companies, helping our industry achieve a more sustainable and enjoyable ecosystem.