Candidate Statements
2022-2024 Board Term

Candidate Statements & Voting

The Agile Alliance Board Nominations Committee has submitted a list of proposed candidates for consideration by Agile Alliance members. Votes are cast on this slate of candidates, as per the bylaws of Agile Alliance. Board members are unpaid volunteers and serve a three-year term.

These nominees will appear in an email ballot from which will be sent to all Agile Alliance members. You may also vote at the election website (use the help function to request a resend of the unique identifier that was included in the email ballot). Voting will continue through Monday, Oct 11, 2021 @ 23:59pm AoE. Results will be shared at the Annual Agile Alliance Member meeting.

The member meeting will be held virtually on October 12 2021. Members will be notified in advance of the date and time. If you are not a member, you can become one here.

Jose Diaz

José Diaz (Germany)

I’ve been in the IT Industry for more than 30 years working as a Developer, Tester, and Consultant. I’m an entrepreneur.

I set up the first conference on Agile Testing back in 2008 and have been running Agile Testing Conferences in Europe, the USA, and Asia. In these conferences, the people are at the center of our efforts. We support the Agile Testing Community worldwide and pave the way for new speakers and talented professionals offering them the chance to speak. The Agile Testing Days is well known for its contribution to diversity and inclusion in the technology world. Moreover, we connect tool leaders from the industry with potential users and strive for an exchange that sparks innovations. During the last years, we have been working closely with the Agile Alliance.

I was the editor of the quarterly issued magazines “Agile Record”, “testing experience” and “Security Acts”. I love trying out new approaches and setting new standards within the industry and in many other aspects of my professional life. I am open-minded – not only with regard to people but also when it comes to ideas and ways of doing things.

Having new ideas is one thing, to get them realized is another. I believe that great teams are built on trust and encouragement and providing people the individual environment for them to grow and succeed. This does not just apply to the Agile world, but to every human being in everyday life.

I would love to help shape the future of the Agile Alliance Board together with its international team. I am sure I can support the Agile Alliance and offer added value to its members in their professional careers.

Song Bac Toh

Song Bac Toh (USA)

I have been in the technology business for over 20 years, starting as a software engineer and later on transitioned to product and business management. I also had project and program management responsibility for a good part of this journey. My first exposure to Agile was from working at a company where Agile culture and DevOps processes reigned. That experience shaped my view of Agile till today. I believe Agile is about delivering results rather than using catchphrases in corporate literature.

The concept of Agile has evolved and matured and is now widely quoted even by business and operational executives. I think now that Agile software development has enabled developers to build and evolve software features much faster, it is time for business goal setting and steering to become agile as well, so the agility we gain in software development can more directly influence business results. This will also offer opportunities for Agile practitioners to practice their craft beyond technical domains.

I believe the Agile community needs to engage business leaders who have successfully adopted the Agile concept in running their business to develop and share their methodology. In doing so, we can help others to develop their “Agile Business Practice”.

Additionally, in the global landscape, many developing countries have either grown their software-centric businesses or started seeing their traditional business adopting a software-defined approach. The concept of Agile can really empower these communities to build resilient, sustainable, and innovative economic growth. The Agile community can energize our movement by expanding our support to these regions.

As an experienced business executive, who has run Agile software development, and been involved in a number of Agile business transformations, I believe in the power of Agile transformation. If I am elected as a Director of the Agile Alliance Board, I would work with the Alliance and its members to bring together consultants as well as corporate practitioners at the business executive level to develop a compendium of Best Practices of Agile Business. Additionally, I believe in bringing Agile to a diverse, global community so I will be glad to participate in the effort to develop and strengthen the Agile community in more countries.

Brian Button Agile Alliance Board

Brian Button (USA)

Hi, my name is Brian Button, and I am running as a candidate for re-election to the Agile Alliance Board of Directors. It has been a privilege to serve as a member of this Board for the last three years as we navigate through these difficult times in our world. Like the rest of the world, the Agile community has faced serious challenges of late, and the role agility will play in the upcoming days is even more important. I would very much appreciate being part of facing this challenge as a returning Board member.

I’ve been very involved with the Agile world since 1999, both professionally and as an Agile Alliance volunteer. Through my work, I’ve coached, mentored, trained, and worked on Agile teams creating value for businesses large and small, eventually moving into leading larger and more complex Agile transformations for several large public corporations. I’ve also been very closely involved with Agile Alliance through volunteering for nearly all of the Agile 20xx and Technical Conferences since 2010, and leading several of them as Conference Chair.

As a member of the Board, I’ve been very involved in revamping our elections process, with the goal of transforming our Board composition to better represent the global makeup of our membership and community. I’ve also worked to help create and manage some of our community resources dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion, through our Agile Alliance Community slack workspace.

Given that the world is changing so rapidly and the importance of agility is growing so quickly, it is important that Agile Alliance has strong leadership today and into the future. As a returning Board member, I commit to working to grow Agile Alliance and the Agile community at large, while still keeping true to the same values and principles upon which Agile was originally founded.