Suddenly Distributed: Tools for Effective Agile Teams

Thursday, April 30th at 11 am ET

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Sprint planning. Product backlog refinement. Daily stand-ups. Sprint review. Demos. And then the retro.

How are you adapting your daily practices to meet the demands of a remote team? Where you could rely on in-person stand-ups and Post-it® notes on a wall, what tools do you need to be effective while working from home?

Join us on Thursday, April 30th at 11 am ET as we take a deep dive into the challenges Agile teams are facing and the tools you can use to be more effective. In this interactive roundtable discussion, co-presented by Agile Alliance and Retrium and moderated by Agile Coach Isaac Garcia, panelists will tackle the unique challenges Agile teams face while working from home. We’ll explore each of the Scrum ceremonies, the new challenges you share, and expert advice on how to overcome these obstacles from our panel, which includes: :

– David Horowitz, Co-Founder and CEO at Retrium
– Hailey Temple, Online Collaboration Coach and Services Lead at Mural
– Nicholas Walsh, Chief Marketing Officer at Range

Please submit your specific challenges that you would like the panel to address and be sure to upvote the ones your team is facing.