Create New Account


The Submission System uses the same account as  So if you are a subscriber or member, you can use that email and password to access the Submission System. Simply go to and login using your Agile Alliance information if prompted. (You will not be prompted to login if you are already logged in to

If you are not an Agile Alliance subscriber or member, follow the instructions below to Create a New Account. You will also become a subscriber to the Agile Alliance.

How to Create a New Account for the Submission System

1) Go to

2) When the login screen displays, click on Sign up


At the Membership signup page, click Submit


On the Create Profile page, provide the required information and click Submit Form


A subscriber account will be created for you on and you will be taken to the Submission System.  The page that displays will look something like this:

Active Conferences

You will also receive multiple emails:

A) An email with the subject: [Agile Alliance] Username/Password That tells you your username (the email that you entered) and provides a link to create your password to login in the future.

If you do not receive the above email, you can go to and enter the email you used in the above steps, or you can email

B) If you Checked Yes, I want to receive updates via email, you will receive an email with subject: Agile Alliance Newsletter: Please Confirm Subscription. This is to confirm your email address so you’ll be added to the email newsletter distribution list.

Going forward, when you go to, you will go immediately to the Submission System unless you log out of the submission system, or are trying to access the submission system from a different device.

In those cases, when you goto you will first be taken to the Agile Alliance Login page shown above in Step 2. On that page you can enter your email and password and you will be taken to the Submission System.