Sources: XP 2021

How to write ethical user stories
The growing importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems as a part of software services, and the failures of these systems, have emphasized the importance of ethical consideration in engineering AI […]
Against All Odds
This experience report recounts a part of my work as a consultant in the fields of organisation development and management methods. It is dedicated to consultants as well as coaches […]
Velocity Without Direction is Speed
In physics, there’s a difference between “Speed” and “Velocity”. While the first is a scalar quantity (the quantity itself plus the unit of measurement), the second is a vectorial quantity […]
Onboarding to Agile Team Remotely
As an Agile Coach at a fast growing startup, I faced the challenge to structure and drive the onboarding process remotely. Onboarding has proven to be an extremely demanding and […]

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