Agile Alliance SOS – Save Our Ship

Join us for online for “Save Our Ship”

Part of Agile MiniCon on Friday, December 10th

“Ship it!” Those words could make you smile, cause excitement or even quiet the room with dread. Save Our Ship is a space for Agile practitioners to learn, share, and collaborate on the journey to deliver. You can expect an interactive learning experience with collaborative conversations that help us move to shipping products and solutions. Click to register now.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone delivering — the developers, engineers, analysts, testers, leads, UX, or other roles on an Agile team. If you’re curious about the process, this space is for you as well. Join us if you’d like to understand the needs of the Agile Practitioners that you support. We invite you to Register Now and unpack how we can all Save Our Ship.

April Jefferson – Member Enagagement

April Jefferson

Event Organizer

April Jefferson is a coach, collaboration facilitator, experience crafter, game creator, and international speaker. She adds value to the world by guiding the journey to nourish oneself with generative engagement — enjoying harmonizing mindsets, crafting applied learning experiences, and holding space both in-person and online.

Rules and Principles for Save Our Ship

We encourage all members to participate, and while in the space we ask that everyone walk in the principles and rules below. Moderators are not always available, so if you encounter any issue or you need help, please contact us immediately.

Guiding Principles

  • The “Law of Mobility” — if at any time you find yourself in a situation where you are neither learning nor contributing, use your virtual feet, and continue to explore the space.
  • Whoever joins are the right people; Whatever happens, is the only thing that could have; Whenever it starts is the right time; When it’s over, it’s over; and Wherever it happens is the right place
  • Increase connection by being unmuted with your video on (headsets encouraged).
  • Help amplify learning and embrace fun!

Rules of the Gathering

Not following these rules may get you banned from future events.