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Join an exceptional panel of world experts as Nigel Thurlow, former Chief of Agile of Toyota and the co-creator of The Flow System, leads a discussion on how organizations facing an uncertain times post pandemic need to reflect on how they have been using the tools and methods from Lean, Agile and Scrum. Nigel has assembled a truly world class group of people to discuss this topic and to help offer suggestions as to what’s not worked and why, and how organizations need to rethink their previous strategies so that they survive and thrive as they move forward. The panel will dive deep into topics as diverse as organizational design, complex problem solving, sensemaking, human factors, remote working and Flow based approaches, and will examine where Lean and Agile have struggled in the current climate. Do not miss this exceptional learning opportunity.

Nigel will be joined by Jabe Bloom who leads the Global Transformation office at Red Hat, Sonja Blignaut the complexity and Cynefin expert who leads global operations for Dave Snowden’s Cognitive Edge, Steve Tendon creator of Tameflow, Andrew Blain creator of RemoteAF, and Dirk Van Goubergen Europe’s leading expert in Lean and Value Stream Design.

  • Nigel Thurlow – CEO Flow Consortium | Co-creator The Flow System (moderator)
  • Andrew Blain – Founder at remote:af and Elabor8
  • Jabe Bloom – Global Transformation Office, Red Hat
  • Sonja Blignaut – Networks & Partnerships, Cognitive Edge
  • Steve Tendon – Managing Director of TameFlow Consulting Limited
  • Dirk Van Goubergen – Van Goubergen P&M Productivity Improvement

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