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After the overview of the 6 dimensions from Steve Denning’s “Why Only The Agile Will Survive”, this webcast describes the Mechanics Of Adapting, namely regarding virtual work, health, and safety. Firms that are well along in digitizing both internal workflows and external interactions like Riot Games are able to operate virtually by working from home and are exploring the pluses (less travel) and minuses (interruptions from other family members). Firms are also exploring innovative ways of doing Agile practices such as virtual standups, team planning, and retrospectives.

In the absence of treatment or vaccine or favorable mutation, the virus will pose continuing risks to human health and safety for years to come. Maintaining the primacy of delivering value to customers from safe workspaces must remain the overriding goal. Firms should enable people to safely leave their homes, resume some version of their former lives, and help restart the economy, all the while preserving privacy and civil liberties. Given the risk that public policies and practices will be less than ideal or reliable in many jurisdictions, firms will need to be ready where appropriate to make their own assessments of the risks and innovate rapidly to develop new solutions to specific health and safety challenges.

Our panel includes:

  • Michael Clarkin (Moderator) – Chief Marketing Director Scaled Agile
  • Ahmed Sidky – Head of Business Agility at Riot Games, President of ICAgile
  • Christopher Hymes – CISO and Head of Enterprise IT at Riot Games
  • Bret Borota – VP of Product Management at Cerner
  • Jason Ortmeier – VP of Talent Development at Mortenson

About the Speaker(s)

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Ahmed Sidky, Ph.D. (also know as Dr. Agile because of his doctorate in Agile Transformation) is the Head of Development Management at Riot Games where he leads a team of 70 internal agile coaches and delivery leaders. Ahmed is a well-known thought-leader in the Agile community and is currently serving as the President of the International Consortium for Agile ( – an independent accreditation and certification body focused on advancing the state of Agile learning. Throughout his career, Ahmed has led a number of Fortune 100 companies through large-scale agile transformations using his culture-led transformation approach, which focuses on changing and introducing organizational habits critical to sustaining agility. He is the co-author of “Becoming Agile in an Imperfect World”, and is a seasoned speaker who has made several keynote appearances worldwide speaking on topics like, the agile mindset, how to create lean high performing habits within teams, and how to transform organization in a manner that achieves sustainable organizational agility.