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Are you a good agree-er? Do others agree with you often? Do you know how to make agreement spread?

Have you ever tried to have lunch with a group of five or more coworkers and had trouble agreeing on where to go? Or come to the end of a sprint and been unable to agree on which of the many things the team could do to experiment or change the team will do? Maybe the folks ordering your backlog can’t agree which of the twenty-five number-one priorities is the real number one.

Agreement is at the heart of agility and lean practice, yet we often have trouble finding it. Drawing on decades of experience helping people agree” and collaborative governance methods, this practical and interactive discussion explores what it means to be “right” and how we can help ourselves and those with whom we work find agreement on matters small and large.

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I love hearing what people want to do and helping them see the ways in which they might do it. In doing the work, we discover together the work that needs to be done. My aim is to live in happiness and share it with others. I try to be helpful, and failing that, kind. I appreciate theory but embrace practice, and I love learning more about what I dislike or oppose. I change my mind more often than one would think. Transplanted from the Northeast, at home in the Northwest, I bring passion, perspective, and patience to helping teams and organizations work happily. At the core of my practice is profound respect for people. I choose to work in teams of people who differ from and me; together, we serve others better than I could alone. I've spent 35 years building software, and a decade ago spent years on an XP team. That great start led to my having been on, worked with, and gotten started many Scrum teams, and have appreciated and embraced lean and systems thinking in recent years. For more than a decade, I've been lucky to work alongside my friends and colleagues at SolutionsIQ. I write things at []( @mjt on Twitter is me being short. Still available on iTunes is the “The Agile Coach” podcast. Invite me and I'll talk, wherever and whenever you like. Agile Open Northwest’s annual Open Space brings me joy, and I serve on its board. I find peace sailing the waters north of Seattle. And I dwell in delight with The Love of My Life, Maureen, in a Seattle cottage next door to her daughters and grandchild.