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They say that design is a team sport, and if your team operates in an agile/lean environment, strength and flexibility are more crucial than ever.

An effective design team requires a multitude of perse skills, and it’s impossible for any one individual to possess them all.

So, how do you go about putting together a team that’s balanced, powerful and can work effectively with other teams? What is the right mixture of junior and senior practitioners?

What skills, soft and hard, do you need to design and deliver outstanding products and services that support meaningful outcomes?

In this workshop, we’ll take a look at (work through) how to assess the skills of our colleagues (as well as our own) to best shape and, inspire and lead a design team that works together (and stays together). A team where more experienced practitioners thrive and more junior ones are supported, mentored and enabled to grow, and where complementarity and teamwork are the foundations of success.

Finally, we will look at how to use the knowledge and techniques we’ve collected over the years to hire, motivate and keep design teams happy.

Bonus round: if you’re looking for work, what does a good team look like from the outside?

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