Socotra Williams View
Aras Bilgen TR kloia View
Tricia Broderick US Agile For All View
Dana Pylayeva US Agile Play Consulting, LLC View
Joe Runde US IBM View
Michael Keeling US LendingHome View
Sanjiv Augustine US LitheSpeed View
Kim Castillo US Tableau Software View
Kenny Baas-Schwegler NL Xebia View
Arlo Belshee US Innovating Teams View
Lanette Creamer US Lanette Creamer is Awesome Inc. View
Ben Kopel US Project Brilliant View
David Faurio US Wells Fargo View
Andrea Chiou US Connections At Work, LLC View
Caitlin Walker GB Training Attention CIC View
Tarah McMaster CA Agile Alliance View
James Shore US Agile Fluency Project View
Al Shalloway US Net Objectives View
Warren Smith US WRAYN LLC View
ElMohanned Mohamed AU IBM Australia View
Gary Pedretti US Sodoto Solutions View
Alex Sloley AU Alex Sloley View
Christopher Pola US Rally Software View
Laureen Knudsen US Broadcom View
Adrienne Wilson AU Pretty Agile View
Em Campbell-Pretty AU Pretty Agile View
Derek W. Wade US Kumido Adaptive Strategies View
Dr. Sam Swapn US Agile Strategic Solutions View
Nate Haut US Altec View
Melissa Hay AU CAMESH PTY LTD View
Doc Norton US OnBelay View
Vaishnavi Kannan US University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center View
DUWAYNE WILLETT US University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center View
Richard Knaster US Scaled Agile Inc. View
Fernando Rodrigues de Sá BR Centro de Computação da Aeronáutica de São José dos Campos View
Everton Lucas BR Centro de Computação da Aeronáutica de São josé dos Campos View
Dennis Stevens US LeadingAgile View
Christopher Avery US Partnerwerks, Inc. View
Michael K Sahota CA Agilitrix Inc View
Michael Hamman US Evolvagility, LLC View
Alberto Brandolini IT Avanscoperta View
Miriam Suzanne US OddBird View
Matt Badgley US Blu Hound Solutions, LLC View
Alan Parkinson GB Hindsight Software Ltd View
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock US Wirfs-Brock Associates View
Quincy Jordan US AgileThought View
Michael Hall US Agile Velocity View
Steve Holyer CH Engage Results / Steve Holyer and Associates View
Chris Shinkle US SEP View
Mik Kersten CA Tasktop Technologies View
Troels Vincents Hjortholm DK Deloitte View
Terkel Tolstrup DK Deloitte View
Cara Turner ZA codeX View
Xavier Lucas US Alaska Air Group View
Chris Philipsen US Insight View
Timothy Meyers US Booz Allen Hamilton View
Trace Wax US Philosophie View
Antoinette Coetzee ZA Just Plain Agile View
Jason Knight US Sapphire Digital View
Wouter Lagerweij NL Wouter Lagerweij Consultancy View
Karina Kohl BR View
Claire Atwell US Booz Allen Hamilton View
Kerri Sutey US Booz Allen Hamilton View
Michael Holland US U.S. Government Accountability Office View
Jennifer Leotta US Government Accountability Office View
Luiz C. Parzianello BR Surya Consulting View
Hendrik Esser DE Ericsson View
Scott Ambler CA Disciplined Agile, Inc. View
Timo Punkka FI Schneider Electric View
Archana Joshi IN Cognizant View
Corey Post US Accenture | SolutionsIQ View
Jeff Brinkerhoff US Slalom View
Ant Boobier NZ Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) and Nomad8 View
Adam Yuret US Context Driven Agility View
Brandi Olson US The Olson Group View
Mary Lemmer US Improv4 View
Joe Ziadeh US Express Scripts View
Jolene Jangles US Balanced Agility View
Marsha Shenk US The BestWork People View
MIKE GRIFFITHS CA Leading Answers, RMC LS View
Diane Zajac US OnBelay Consulting View
Darren Hoevel US Pliant Solutions View
Eric Willeke US Eric Willeke & Associates View
Amanda Geary US LitheSpeed View
Bob Payne US LitheSpeed View
Stephan van Rooden NL View
Allison Pollard US Improving View
Barry Forrest US Improving View
Alex Kanaan US USAA View
Sarah Baca View
Betsy Kauffman US Agile Pi View
Angie Doyle ZA IQ Business View
Talia Lancaster ZA IQ Business View
Tommy Norman US Acklen Avenue View
Matt Dobson US 18F View
Damon Poole US Nexxle View
Gillian Lee CA Nulogy Corp View
Robert Woods US MindOverProcess View
David Horowitz US Retrium View
Rochelle Tan US RTculate, LLC View
William Adehlph CA cPrime View
Keith Nottonson a View
Brock Argue CA Superheroes Academy View
Chris Li US SparkPlug Agility View
Sarah Harper US Cerner Corporation View
Johanna Rothman US Rothman Consulting Group, Inc. View
Mark Kilby US Sonatype View
Melissa Eggleston US Teamworks View
Anjali Leon US PPL Coach View
Stephanie Allen US Pearson Online and Blended Learning View
Nicola Sedgwick GB Sedgwick Testing Ltd. View
Jason Gudalis US DoD View
Paul Boos US Excella Consulting View
Holly Allen US Slack View
April Jefferson US April Jefferson Corp. View
Stephen Denning US View
Ryan Latta US Improving View
Carlos Oliveira CA Scale Innovation Inc. View
Ken Power IE Ken Power View
Tony Quinlan GB Narrate View
Reneshan Moodley ZA IQ Business View
Jeff Sutherland US ScrumInc. View
Riccardo Mariti GB A Taste of Tuscany Ltd View
Pavel Dabrytski ZA IQ Business View
Ardita Karaj CA Industrial Logic View
Jenny Tarwater US Blueshift Innovation View
Richard Mills US Coveros, Inc. View
Thomas Stiehm US Coveros, Inc. View
Ahmed Sidky US Riot Games View
Michael Robillard View
Shane Hastie NZ ICAgile View
Shannon Ewan US ICAgile View
William Kammersell US Broadcom (Rally) View
Lieschen Gargano US Scaled Agile Inc. View
Bevan Williams ZA Think Agile View
Tami Reiss US Justworks View
Audree Tara Sahota CA Agilitrix View
Cheryl Hammond US Pivotal View
Chris Diller US Target View
Tom Diedrich US Target Corporation View
Jason Hall US Collaborative Structures View
Cherie Silas US Cox Automotive View
Lucia Baldelli GI Lean Solutions View
Joey Spooner US Spoonstein View
Arjay Hinek US Red Hat View
Leigh Griffin IE Red Hat View
Cecile Auret FR Pole emploi View
Andrew Smelser US Eventbrite View
Evan Leybourn AU Directing the Agile Organisation View
Katherine Paquet US Centric Consulting View
Kelli Houston US IBM View
Thomas Perry US CA Technologies View
Dane Weber US Excella View
Kathryn Kuhn US McKinsey & Co View
Geof Ellingham GB Agile Business Consortium View
Kathy Berkidge AU Mind at Work Consulting View
Julie Wyman US Excella Consulting View
Mark Grove US Excella Consulting View
Laurens Bonnema NL Xebia Nederland B.V. View
Laïla Nouijeh NL PGGM View
Alfredo Goldman BR IME-USP View
Viviane Almeida Santos BR Federal University of Pará View
Caroline Sauve CA InsideOutAgile View
John Krewson US Sketch Development View
Chris Butler US IPsoft View
Daniel Scalfaro US Anthem View
Emilia Breton US SolutionsIQ View
Martin Alaimo AR Kleer View
Olaf Lewitz DE View
Jonathan Turner View
Heather Dunning US Heather V Dunning View
Seb Rose GB Cucumber Limited View
Aditi Mulay US Karsun Solutions LLC View
Ricardo Mediavilla-Maldonado US Karsun Solutions View
Ellen Gottesdiener US EBG Consulting View
Andrew Repton GB JP Morgan View
katherine Daugherty US Hummingbird, LLC View
Ron Quartel US Cron Technologies View
George Dinwiddie US iDIA Computing View
Salah Elleithy US SparkAgility View
Amr Noaman EG Agile Academy View
Melissa Perri US ProdUX Labs View
Marissa Fong US Produx Labs View
Esther Derby US esther derby associates, inc. View
Diana Larsen US Agile Fluency Project LLC View
James Newkirk US Conga View
Richard Cheng US Excella Consulting View
Julie Clooney US Daugherty Business Solutions View
Marianne Erickson US Daugherty Business Solutions View
Kristina Podnar US NativeTrust Consulting, LLC View
Mark Wolfe US 84.51° View
Mariya Breyter US Consulting View
Zuzi Sochova CZ View
Steve Mayner US Scaled Agile, Inc. View
Sandy Mamoli NZ Nomad8 View
Nienke Alma NL ING View
Luke Hohmann US Conteneo, Inc. View
Ankur Saini US General Services Administration View
Bob Galen US Zenergy Technologies View
Glenda Eoyang US Human Systems Dynamics Institute View
Jeremy Lightsmith US Transparent Classroom View
Josh Mehler US View
Sarah Urriste US HealtheSystems View
Joshua Seckel US Deloitte View
mark ginise US Defense Acquisition University View
John Buck US The Sociocracy Consulting Grou View
Jutta Eckstein DE IT communication View
Megan Windle US Newport News Shipbuilding View
Gil Broza CA 3P Vantage, Inc. View
Candase Hokanson US Seilevel View
Ken Pugh US Ken Pugh, Inc. View
David Sabine CA Independent View
Wayne Hetherington CA Wayne Enterprises View
Feral Rizvi CA Best Buy Canada View
Andy Cleff US Comcast NBC Universal View
Mike Bowler CA Gargoyle Software Inc View
Todd Sedano US Pivotal View
David Bujard US Blackstone Federal View
David Fogel US DHS TSA (Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration) View
Nate Adams US NewBoCo View
Jill Parsons US VeriShip View
Jared Steinshouer US VeriShip View
Aruna Chandrasekharan US Self View
Susan Almon CA Blue Spurs Consulting View
Chris Lucian US Hunter Industries View
Amitabh Sinha US Sony Interactive Entertainment View
Michael de la Maza US Heart Healthy Scrum View
Popi Makris US Popi & Dave View
Elizabeth Cooney US Blackstone Technology Group View
Jason Kerney US Hunter Industries View
Zach Bonaker US Walmart Labs View
James Grenning US Wingman Software View
Christine Babowicz US MetLife View
Natalie Warnert US Natalie Warnert, LLC View
Skylar Watson US Independent Consultant View
John Tanner US Capital One View
Denis Doelling US TCS View
Edward Goldgehn US Cognizant Technology Solutions View
Avraham Poupko IL LTTS - L&T Technology Service View
David Reichert US Vistaprint View
David Grabel US Vistaprint View
Llewellyn Falco US Spun Labs (Consultant) View
Mike Cottmeyer US LeadingAgile, LLC View
Joshua Arnold NZ View
Matt Barcomb US intentionally adaptive View
Quinn Gil US N/A View
Chloe Bregman US Chloe Bregman View
Antti Kirjavainen FI Flowa View
Mirette Kangas FI Finnish Broadcasting Company View
Mark Cruth US Quicken Loans View
Janice Linden-Reed US Lean-Kanban University View
Todd Little US Lean Kanban Inc. View
Jeffrey Davidson US Leading Great Teams View
Jo Avent US TalentWall View
Rob Reed US American Electric Power View
Faye Thompson US Cardinal Solutions/Insight Enterprises View
Anne Steiner US cPrime View
Dan Ashby GB eBay View
Fadi Stephan US Kaizenko View
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David Frink US Eliassen View
Chris Smith GB Red Gate Software Limited View
Elizabeth Ayer GB Redgate View
Varun Vachhar CA League View
Jay Boyle US World Wide Technology View
Dominica DeGrandis US Tasktop View
Michael McCalla US Lean Agile Intelligence View
Steven Granese US AgileThought View
Victor Bonacci US Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. View
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Jake Calabrese US Agile For All View
Amy Jackson US Vistaprint View
Melissa Rockman US Vistaprint View
Chantel Botha ZA BrandLove View
Debby-Anne Pells ZA DirectAxis View
Shahin Sheidaei CA Elevate Change Inc. View
Shawn Button CA Leanintuit View
Gerrit Lutter DE Deutsche Post E-Post Development GmbH View
Krys Blackwood US NASA JPL View
Dave Sharrock CA agile42 View
Clare Sudbery GB ThoughtWorks View
Doug Knesek US Flexion, Inc. View
Susan Johnston CA It's Understood Communication View
Artur Margonari BE Wemanity View
Paul Argiry US LeadingAgile View
Debra Boseck US Slalom Consulting View
Pat Reed View
Nick Tune GB Navico View
Jeff Rosenbaugh US ExxonMobil View
Michael Adrian US ExxonMobil IT View
Anna Obukhova RU ScrumTrek View
Martin Salias View
Pranay Kumar Chanda US Cognizant Technology Solutions View
Julia Wester US Lagom Solutions View
Meg Ward US IHS Markit View
Cat Swetel US Ticketmaster View
Larry Maccherone US Maccherone Consulting View
Naveed Khawaja GB Xecofy Limited View
Patricia Sheehan GB Astrazeneca View
Doug Dockery US Daugherty Business Solutions View
Nicolas Paez AR University of Buenos Aires View
Rachel Weston Rowell US Weston Rowell Consulting View
Peter Chestna US View
Peter Maddison CA Xodiac View
Biase De Gregorio ZA IQbusiness View
Heidi Helfand US Procore Technologies View
Anastas Stoyanovksy US IBM Watson View
Steven Pritko US IBM View
Natalie Kuhn US Capital One View
Don McGreal US Improving Enterpises View
Ken Howard US Improving Enterprises, Inc. View
Evan Willey US Pivotal View
Jennifer Fawcett US Scaled Agile, Inc. View
Steve Mayner US Scaled Agile, Inc. View
Alex Harms US Maitria View
Anil Jaising US Nimblebydesign View
Linda Fung US AXA US View
Kendra West US Broad Institute View
Chris Sims US Agile Learning Labs View
Douglas Husovsky US IHS Markit View
Cass Van Gelder AT Raiffeisen Bank International AG View
Nari Kim KR RGP Korea View
Jeffrey Morgan CA Industrial Logic Canada View
Laura Powers US Powered By Teams View
Jeffson Dsouza IN Accenture View
Raghavendra Meharwade IN Accenture India Services Pvt. Ltd View
Gail Ferreira US Prima Leader, Inc. View
Ross Libby US Target View
Bob Tarne US Independent View
Emerson Taymor US Philosophie View
Shahzad Zafar US Cerner Corp View
Colin Jones US 8th Light View
Gregory Dartt US AEP View
Joseph Astolfi US NiSource View
Rodrigo Sanchez US Flight Studio 1 View
Joseph Vallone US Agile Business Connect View
Tim Ottinger US Industrial Logic View
Jorgen Hesselberg US Comparative Agility View
Katy Saulpaugh US International Monetary Fund View
Paul Carvalho CA Quality Driven Inc. View
Erika Lenz US Asynchrony Labs / World Wide Technology View
Michele Sliger US Sliger Consulting, Inc. View
Andrew McKnight US Pivocity, LLC View
Dean Leffingwell US Scaled Agile Inc. View
Kamal Manglani US eBay Inc. View
Petra Hofer US eBay View
Edward Wisniowski US LSC Communications View
Jenny Wanger US SpotHero View
Jean Richardson US Azure Gate Consulting, LLC View
Karl Krukow DK Microsoft View
Sharon Buckmaster US FutureWorks Consulting, LLC View
Daniel Greening US Senex Rex, Leading Agile View
Juni Mukherjee US CloudBees View
Bernie Maloney US Persistent Systems View
Holly Carman US MATRIX View
Dave Cornelius US View
Lowell Lindstrom US The Oobeya Group View
Mike Cottmeyer US LeadingAgile View
Harold Shinsato US Montana Code School, Open Space Institute, MACH View
Paul Hammond GB Zoopla View
JeanAnn Harrison US Thales Avionics View
Inbar Oren US Scaled Agile Inc. View
Yael Man IL Elbit systems Ltd. View
Christine Hudson US Elevate View
Ronica Roth US elevate View
Bonnie Aumann US Agile Fluency Project View
Jess Lancaster US TechSmith View
Rick Austin US LeadingAgile, LLC View
Kishau Rogers US Websmith, Inc. View
James La Spada US Capital One View
Bill Roberts US Capital One View
Todd Charron CA Planning for Failure View
Rob Gordick US Daugherty Business Solutions View
Sam Falco US AgileThought View
Martina Hiemstra US Microsoft View
David Hendee US Carbon Five View
Paul Merrill US Beaufort Fairmont View
Amy Silberbauer US IBM View
Gaspar Nagy HU Spec Solutions View
Jennifer Honermann US Capital One View
Marcelo Walter BR Objective Solutions View
Melanie St James US Tufts University View
Robert Frohman US Cisco View
J. Paul Reed US Release Engineering Approaches View
Sean Barrett US Vistaprint View
Ash Coleman US Credit Karma View
Mike O'Connor US Full Circle Group View
Peter Green US Agile for All View
Matt Anderson US Cerner Corporation View
Gene Gotimer US Coveros, Inc. View
Michael Clement US Greater Sum View
Valerio Zanini US 5D Vision View
Billie Schuttpelz US Solutions IQ View
Melody Yale US Liberty Mutual Insurance View
Chris Espy US Adapt to Agility,LLC View
Linda Cook US Project Cooks View
Kim Brainard US Agile Brain View
Selena Delesie CA Delesie Solutions Inc View
Joshua Rowell US Walmart View
Abhay Bhargav IN we45 View
Chris Coffman US Rosetta Stone View
Adam Weisbart US Weisbart Consulting, Inc View
Daniel Vacanti US ActionableAgile View
Prateek Singh US Ultimate Software View
Joshua Kerievsky US Industrial Logic View
Dave West US View
Richard Gratton CA Intralinks, a Synchronoss Business View
David Laribee US Nerd/Noir View
Daniel Davis US Excella Consulting View
Jesse Houwing NL Xpirit Netherlands BV View
Woody Zuill US Freelancer View
Richard Lawrence US Agile For All, LLC View
Daniel Walsh US nuCognitive View
Sunil Mundra IN ThoughtWorks View
John Nicol US Mindful Agile View
Todd Wilson US Mindful Agile View
John Eisenschmidt US Agile Kata View
Shawn Boockoff US FMMA View
Gary Greenwood US Summa Technologies View
Mitch Goldstein US Summa View
Christopher Ruch US Blueprint View
Doc List US AnotherThought Inc View
Jason Tice US Asynchrony Solutions View
Jake Calabrese US Agile For All View
Israel Gat US Independent Software & IT Consultant View
Chris Edwards CA Solium Capital Inc. View
Dennis Ehle US VersionOne View
Adam Light US The Agile Fluency Project View
Catherine Peck-Phillips US Spotify View
Joakim Sundén US Spotify View
Rob Keefer US POMIET View
Peter Kananen View
Michael Robillard US Riot Games View
Felipe Castro US Lean Performance View
Christine Neidhardt DE ecomenta; Trusttemenos Leadership Academy View
Harry Koehnemann US Scaled Agile View
Tom Grant US GameChange LLC View
Nivia Henry US Spotify View
Lynn Winterboer US Winterboer Agile Analytics View
Peter Oliver-Krueger US LitheSpeed View
Dan Gilkerson US Quasimatic View
JoEllen Carter US View
James Gifford US Genesis Consulting View
Laura Burke US Ipreo View
Mary Thorn US Ipreo View
Cindy Hembrock US Mastercard View
Ian Eshelman US mastercard View
Mark Lotter US Summa View
Jeff Nielsen US Independent View
john f ryskowski US jfr consulting View
John Riley US Ready Set Agile, LLC View
Ashley Johnson US Industrial Logic View
Evelien Acun-Roos US Xebia View
Rita Emmons US Cardinal Solutions View
Angela Wick US BA-Squared View
Bryan Miles View
Angie Jones US Twitter View
Karen Greaves NZ ANZ View
Samantha Laing ZA Growing Agile View
Kelley Cooper US Self-Employed View
Alexandra West US Nerd/Noir View
yuval yeret US AgileSparks View
Richard Kasperowski US Greatness Guild View
Steve Martin US Cottage Street Consulting View
Ryan Ripley US RyanRipley.Com View
Matthew Hodgson AU Zen Ex Machina View
Mia Horrigan AU Zen Ex Machina View
Skip Angel US SolutionsIQ View
Marian Willeke US Rabbit Hole Learning View
Scott Marsee US Ohio Christian Universirty View
Marcus King US Improving View
Oluf Nissen US Hewlett-Packard View
Chris Matts View
Tony Grout GB Atlassian View
Dan Fuller US SolutionsIQ View
Christopher Schwartz View
Travis Klinker US Target Corporation View
Doug Rose View
Maike Goldkuhle DE HR Pioneers View
Mark Lines CA Disciplined Agile, Inc. View
Tiago Palhoto View
Linda Luu View
David Wallace US Nutrien View
Jason Yip US Spotify View
Martin Lapointe CA View
Maurizio Mancini CA Exempio Inc. View
Jonathan Rasmusson CA Spotify View
Bill DeVoe US Artemis Agile Consulting View
Maarten Kossen NL Prowareness View
Marcelo Camozzato US CA Technologies View
Chris Murman US ThoughtWorks View
Fred Williams US View
Tomas Kejzlar CZ MSD (Merck) View
Kent McDonald US Agile Alliance View
Heather Mylan-Mains US BAs Without Borders View
Yi Lv View
Tony Shawver US MATRIX Professional Services View
Jeff Langr US US View
Mike Lowery CA Essentially Agile Ltd View
Emma Carter AU ThoughtWorks View
Rob Myers US Agile for All View
Alexandre Cuva CH Finix Asia View
Sean Dunn CA IHS Inc. View
Tamsen Mitchell US Graphic Language View
Jesse Phelps US Pomiet View
Robert Martin US Uncle Bob Consulting LLC View
Laura Bell NZ SafeStack Limited View
Dave Farley GB Continuous Delivery Ltd View
Terran Melconian US Air Network Simulation & Analysis Inc View
Brian Haggard US Emerson Electric View
Daniel Bryant GB Big Picture Tech View
Pete Cheslock US CHAOSSEARCH View
Kief Morris GB ThoughtWorks View
Kent Graziano US Snowflake Computing View
Stephen Vance US mabl, Inc. View
Fred George US Fred George Consulting View
Josh Long US Pivotal View
Declan Whelan CA Leanintuit View
Jeff Patton US Jeff Patton & Associates View
Mike Cohn US Mountain Goat Software View
Austin Govella View
Renee Pinter View
Thomas Piggott View
Andrew Clay Shafer US Parvus Captus View
Erik Meade US EGHM View
Jay Packlick US Sabre View
Daniel Sack US Nokia View
Maria Matarelli US Formula Ink View
John Helm US JHelm Associates, LLC View
Alexis Hui CA Deloitte View
Mik Kersten CA Tasktop View
Brian Adkins US CA Technologies View
Susan Fojtasek US Improving Enterprises, Inc. View
Lyssa Adkins US Agile Coaching Institute View
Michael Spayd US Trans4mation, LLC View
John Miller US Braintrust Consulting Grouo View
Craig Smith AU Unbound DNA View
Dajo Breddels NL Dajo Breddels Coaching View
Pollyanna Pixton US Accelinnova View
Jennifer Fraser View
Martin Heider DE infomar software View
Maulan Byron View
Joseph Yoder US The Refactory View
Jonathan Berger US K.A.Y.A.S View
Carol Macha US Department of Veterans Affairs View
Anders Ivarsson SE Spotify View
Cameron Wolff US Cardinal Health View
Tami Evnin View
David Bulkin US Grow-Lean LLC View
Kevin Fisher US Nationwide Insurance View
Jeremy Kriegel US Gemvara View
Ariadna Font US IBM View
Ola Ellnestam SE Agical AB View
Daniel LeFebvre US FreeStanding Agility View
Gavin Austin US Salesforce View
Scott Dunn, CST, PMP US Rocket Nine Solutions View
Pat Arcady US FreeStandingAgility View
Andy Hamilton US Schneider Electric View
Erick Bergmann US Schneider Electric View
Gareth Bowles US Netflix View
Jean Tabaka US CA Technologies View
Nancy Van Schooenderwoert US Lean-Agile Partners, Inc. View
Abby Fichtner US Harvard Innovation Lab View
Omar Silver US Dovel Technologies View
Robyn Mourning View
Michael Vincent US MVA Software View
Judith Mills US Judith Mills LLC View
Nayan Hajratwala US Chikli Consulting LLC View
Russell Healy NZ getKanban Ltd View
David Peter Simon View
Don Gray US n-th Order Systems, Inc View
Steve Neely US Rally Software View
Steve Stolt US Rally Software View
Brian Lawrence View
Bruce Winegarden US Rally Software View
Claire Moss US aclairefication View
Steve Rogalsky View
Dean Stevens US LeadingAgile View
Stephen Younge US Rally View
Gerard Meszaros View
Brandon Burton View
Sarah Goff-Dupont US Atlassian Software View
GeePaw Hill US View
Gabrielle Benefield GB Evolve Beyond View
Ryan Shriver US Dominion Digital View
Anand Bagmar IN ThoughtWorks View
Michele Ide-Smith GB Red Gate View
Emily Epstein View
Jim Elvidge US Symantec View
Andrew Fuqua US Leading Agile View
Geoff Watts GB Inspect & Adapt View
Joanna Snead View
Linda Rising US Linda Rising LLC View
Erik Weber US Tricast View
Bernd Schiffer AU Bold Mover View
Ed Kraay US Yahoo! View
Inger Dickson US Thoughtworks View
Prabhakar Karve IN Impetus View
Adrian Howard View
Matthew Heusser US Excelon Development View
Hitoshi Ozawa View
Aviva Rosenstein View
Juan Banda BO Percella View
Alan Goerner US Alani Consulting View
Rachel Laycock US ThoughtWorks View
Tom Sulston GB Thoughtworks View
Brandon Carlson US Lean TECHniques, Inc. View
Laszlo Szalvay US SolutionsIQ View
Alline Watkins US View
Linda Merrick US Pivotal Product Management View
Brian Bozzuto US athenahealth View
David Bland US Neo View
Johannes Brodwall NO Exilesoft View
Cindy Coleman View
Hernan Wilkinson US View
Aaron Griffith US Hunter Industries View
Kara Minotti Becker US Eliassen Group View
Rich Mironov US Mironov Consulting View
Michael Tardiff US SolutionsIQ, an Accenture company View
Anthony Montgomery US CUProdigy View
Dustin Williams US Manifest Solutions View
David Hawks US Agile Velocity View
Mike Carey US Walmart View
Todd Kromann US Walmart View
Justin Kotze View
Kevin Simpkins View
Jordi Falguera ES Gtech View
Dick Verheije NL Tax Administration View
Sabina Renshof US View
Jeffery Payne US Coveros View
Andrew Annett CA Leanintuit View
David Hussman US DevJam View
Alan Dayley US Accenture | SolutionsIQ View
Christina Hartikainen CA EPS View
Alexey Krivitsky UA SCRUMguides View
Jack Wooten US Ingage Partners, LLC View
Adam Carmi View
Mai Le US Uber View
Yukari Hasebe US Yahoo View
Teresa Hsu US View
Ellen Grove CA Agile Partnership View
Ebenezer Ikonne US View
Maaret Pyhäjärvi FI Granlund Oy View
Jeff Howey US LeadingAgile View
Susan DiFabio US SKD Consulting View
Arturo Robles Maloof MX Citibanamex View
Steve Ropa US Rocky Mountain Programmers Guild View
Jonathan Schauer US Cargill View
Alex Yakyma US Alex Yakyma View
Timothy Meyers US Booz Allen Hamilton View
russell lewis GB Storm Consultancy Services Ltd View
Emma Armstrong GB Astrazeneca View
Brett Palmer US Optum View
Amanda Tygart US Walmart View
Jenny Swan US Wal-Mart Stores, Inc View
Peter Saddington MDiv, CST US Agile for All, LLC. View
kenny melancon US Walmart View
Cher Fox US Fox Consulting View
Tonya McCarley US Nokia View
Andreas Schliep US DasScrumTeam AG View
Peter Beck US View
Amanda Stockwell US Stockwell Strategy View
Hans Samios US Focussed Agile LLC View
Nicola Dourambeis US Purple Agility View
Merland Halisky US Booz Allen Hamilton View
Luke Lackrone US Booz Allen Hamilton View
Michael Caponero US View
David Bland US PRECOIL View
Ni Sun CN GenthyWorld Consulting Group View
Manjit Singh US Agilious LLC View
Angel Diaz-Maroto Alvarez ES View
Dr. Saya Sone US Agile ROI, LLC View
GAVIN COUGHLAN NZ Boost New Media View
Omar BERMUDEZ CA Zettago Consulting Group View
Eric Jacobson US Cardlytics View
Rob Vandenberg CA Mxi Technologies View
Marie-Christine (MC) Legault CA Pyxis Technologies View
Csaba Patkós RO Syneto LTD View
Staci Dubovik US View
Felipe Castro BR Lean Performance View
Anna Kovats US IgnitionOne View
Julia Wester US Lagom Solutions View
Danijel Arsenovski US SolutionsIQ View
Michael DeAngelo US State of Washington View
Paul Takken View
Rob Wisehart US Shamrock Foods View
Don MacIntyre US Scrum, Etc. View
Dilip Balachandran US USG View
Michael Kovas US USG View
Mike Gehard View
Satish Thatte US Self-Employed View
Annette Head US Principal Financial Group View
Alex Kell US Fiserv View
Scott Richardson US Fannie Mae View
Erica Briones Graciano BR Easynvest View
John Stevenson GB Cisco View
GuruShyam Mony US Qassurance Technology Inc View
Syed Rayhan US View
Matthew Carlson US Industrial Logic View
David Mole NZ Nomad8 View
Hugo Corbucci US ThoughtWorks View
Kylie Castellaw View
Scott Killen US PayPal View
Rajan Seriampalayam US McAfee Inc View
Troy Magennis US Focused Objective LLC View
Andrew Sales US CA Technologies View
Lucas Gren SE Gothenburg University View
Brandon Raines US Shokunin View
Judy Neher US Celerity View
Bennet Vallet US Eliassen View
Anna Royzman US Liquidnet View
Todd Olson US Pendo View
Tim Myer US SolutionsIQ View
Ben Blanquera US Pillar Technology View
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