A team’s agility is severely limited when developers have to wait 4, 6, even 24 hours to learn whether their latest change plays nicely with the rest of the code base. And untangling bugs introduced by other changes made in the meantime can take hours, which arrests team velocity.

If that doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, what might be more enjoyable is learning a few ways to tighten the “feedback loop”. If your code is going to fail, let’s make sure it fails FAST! From plugins you can add to your build server, to dependent build hierarchies, to multi-threaded testing, there are many ways to grease the gears in your continuous integration system that are (spolier alert!) well within the reach of most teams. We’ll explore tricks of the trade with real-world examples from real-world teams who use them.

This talk is tool- and language-neutral (with a certain bias toward plain-spoken English).

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