Are your product owners and ScrumMasters empowered, yet they still run decisions by an authority? At standups, do team members focus on work they “have on their plate” or say “my part’s done”? Are they dedicated, motivated, and busy, but not concerned when half the sprint’s work isn’t finished?

These questions expose attitudes that don’t destroy Agility, but do hurt a team’s outcomes. The particular trouble is with hold-over attitudes: pre-Agile ones that are so familiar, standard, and seemingly common-sense that they’re in everyone’s blind spot! Gil Broza, author of “The Agile Mindset” and “The Human Side of Agile,” shares in this talk the top 10 attitudes to shake loose. Examples include “tasks should be done by experts,” “do as much as you can,” and “everyone should focus on their part.” Come to this session to improve your Agile implementation through expanded perspectives and thinking tools.

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