Many teams and programs successfully using agile methods know that a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Many problems and opportunities are easily surfaced by applying technology to answer thoughtful questions.

In this session, a group of experienced practitioners working in large, complex eco-systems will share their visualization inventions and experiences. Each person will take a turn talking about one or more visualizations, sharing what sparked the idea, how it was created and the impact it had on the team, program or organization. After a short presentation, the group will ask questions and discuss the visualization in a fishbowl format.

The visualizations will range in area, covering code complexity, team dynamics, product discovery, organizational learning and more. At various times during the session, the audience will be able to pose questions to one or more of the practitioners leading the session.

About the Speaker(s)

David teaches and coaches product discovery through iterative delivery. He has spent the last 15 years coaching agility and producing products for companies of all sizes around the world. David’s coaching is non-dogmatic and pragmatic. His focus on getting to know a project community allows him to seed self-discovery and avoid falling into the expert trap of simply telling people what they “should do". David spends most of his time with teams, helping them create and validate product ideas and road maps with responsive engineering. He also works with leadership teams to pragmatically introduce the type of lasting agility that fosters innovation and creates a competitive edge.