Do you ever wonder what would happen if you say what you want to say?

Agile has the potential to completely upend traditional management hierarchies and cultures. In the promised land of the true Agile team, every member has an equal voice. Leadership is not owned by a person. Rather, it is found in a thousand moments of opportunity.

For some, and perhaps especially for women, that means we must hone our ability to step confidently into leadership opportunities and speak our minds openly. To do this, we must own our voices, our intelligence, and our power to lead. We must, in short, say what we want to say.

In this fully interactive workshop, begin to discover your authentic voice, through curiosity and safe experimentation. Explore the notion that by overly crafting, editing, and positioning our messages, women can rob the Agile team of our value as leaders, mentors, and coaches.

Be prepared to seek your own honest voice, and to listen and encourage as others discover theirs.

Women and men, outspoken or internal, all are welcome! I want to see you be brave.

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