The nature of the modern world pushes to us to do more, faster. This unrelenting pressure puts the people and teams that DO the work in a wonderful situation where they can indeed make everybody happy… if only they could do one. more. thing. Two clear choices emerge: start everything, or finish something.

This talk reintroduces three concepts critical to anybody who performs work:
* an understanding of flow and process efficiency,
* recognition of the tragedy of WIP, and
* insight to the cost of commitment.

We will then extend these core concepts, exploring:
* the impact of WIP in multi-tiered portfolio systems and
* strategy deployment at enterprise scale.

Each topic includes specific, immediately applicable advice on how to improve your throughput and reduce the stress associated with doing your work. Anybody who works with or leads multiple teams will benefit from the simple guidance. You can quickly apply and use several simple exercises that show the impact of WIP and over-commitment.

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