The nature of the modern world pushes to us to do more, faster. This unrelenting pressure puts the people and teams that DO the work in a wonderful situation where they can indeed make everybody happy... if only they could do one. more. thing. Two clear choices emerge: start everything, or finish something.

This talk reintroduces three concepts critical to anybody who performs work:
* an understanding of flow and process efficiency,
* recognition of the tragedy of WIP, and
* insight to the cost of commitment.

We will then extend these core concepts, exploring:
* the impact of WIP in multi-tiered portfolio systems and
* strategy deployment at enterprise scale.

Each topic includes specific, immediately applicable advice on how to improve your throughput and reduce the stress associated with doing your work. Anybody who works with or leads multiple teams will benefit from the simple guidance. You can quickly apply and use several simple exercises that show the impact of WIP and over-commitment.

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I partner with leaders navigating their transformation journeys as they adopt new approaches and mindsets to optimize their technology investments. My extensive experience leading complex lean-agile adoption efforts in America’s largest companies spanning the technology, media, enterprise software, insurance & financial services, telecom, and healthcare industries supports these companies as they build their capability to sustainably and successfully deliver on the needs of their businesses. I am driven by helping leaders unleash better results with their people through applying new mindsets, organizational models, and practices, enabling their organizations to flourish. My transformation philosophy is centered around the recognition that the most effective change is that driven and led by the people involved. I maintain a triple-focus across developing people, accelerating value streams, and removing cross-cutting barriers, which is designed to create the context for that self-driven change to be maximally effective and sustainable while effectively scaling across thousands of practitioners. Applying these approaches across many companies has resulted in consistent success improving their ability to drive customer-centric value, quickly achieve effective decisions, and form effective technology organizations delivering better business outcomes aligned to the enterprise strategies. In addition to his work with Scaling Matters, Eric is Principal and founder of Eric Willeke & Associates.