Mix it up with an outrageously distinguished panel and moderator exploring agile leadership.
* What is it?
* How is it different?
* How do you become an agile leader?
* What works?
* What doesn’t?

Leadership — much less *agile* leadership — is a complex reality. There’s no one right way, no proven Top 5 traits, no single approved developmental path.

Instead, there are multiple valid perspectives with complimentary, interlocking, and sometimes even conflicting patterns. But patterns are sure to emerge.

Provocatively moderated by Jake Calabrese, the diverse panel includes

* Angela Tucci, CEO, Apto
* Tricia Broderick, Coach at Agile For All
* Soo Kim, Executive Director, English Services Media Operations, CBC
* Michael Sahota, Agile Culture & Leadership – Trainer & Consultant
* Christopher Avery, The Responsibility Process Guy

Get ready for an Agile Panel: You’ll be involved the whole way by providing questions and responding to polls from start to finish.

We’ll laugh, gasp, and be amazed together. Don’t miss it.

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