Sesame Street brought together people from diverse backgrounds and famously asked “who are the people in your neighborhood?” Google has driven to create “fiberhoods” that connect communities with high-speed internet. Merging the two, the model Sesame Street started works for developing true Agile communities or “Agilehoods.”

You can only learn so much from books, consultants and conferences. Some of the best learning experiences come from building learning communities where like-minded practitioners gather together to learn from each other on a regular basis.

Join Matt Anderson from Cerner Corporation as he shares best practices learned from establishing a community within the Kansas City area (Agilehood KC) as well as scaling to an international level with the Steve Denning Learning Consortium (SDLC). Matt was also a member of the Agile Leadership Network for establishing communities for 2 years leading to starting the KC community.

Learning communities serve multiple purposes and have been an offering of most of the global agile organizations with various levels of success. After 4 years of the Agilehood KC and 2 years with the SDLC, a model has been proven to help organizations truly learn from one another and focus on practices that they can apply immediately.

Your neighborhood is what you make it, but being a good neighbor builds learning opportunities not found anywhere else. Be the change you want to see in the world and join or create your own “Agilehood.”

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