Is agile stuck at the team level in your organization? Is there hope for a more agile enterprise when finance, project management, and portfolio prioritization processes are so rigid? How can we truly evolve to an agile organization when cost containment gets all the headlines and audits loom?

Mastercard is transforming the way the organization thinks about agile for the enterprise. In this session, we will share the details of our journey to organizational agility at Mastercard – even when team level agility is mixed. We will explain how we spread team level agile into the program and portfolio layers, affecting everything from annual budgets and planning to project estimation and support services. You will learn ways to tackle the rigid discipline of software capitalization without tracking hours. We will discuss how we balanced compliance concerns with the flexibility of agile development.

This session goes beyond the theory. We will dig into the details and and share the opportunities and learnings we’ve had along the way. Through the lens of technology business management, you will see how to shift the perception of the IT department from being a cost-center to a value driver. Attendees will have the chance to have a dialogue on concrete practices to bridge the traditional rigidity of finance and planning with agile practices.

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