Imagine you are asked to sit in on a team’s Sprint Review and Retrospective. The team has been having difficulty forming and the Scrum Master has asked you to observe the team during these two sessions. Are you simply going to watch what’s going on or is there more you can do? Perhaps you are seeing interactions and team dynamics at play without truly realizing what you are observing. And when you do observe, are you injecting your own biases into those observations? Observation is a powerful tool for a coach, but one which we may not take advantage of to its true potential. After all, what exactly should we be observing, anyway?

By learning how to expand our observational skills in a non-biased and non-judgmental manner, we can gain a deeper understanding of team dynamics and interactions, allowing us to offer more meaningful and impactful support, coaching, and empathy. Because there are many observational aspects that pass us by, the best way to become more observant is through deliberate practice. So, let’s practice together through a series of group exercises in a fun and safe setting!

In this interactive workshop, we’ll first review some tools and tips to make you a better observer. Then we’ll divide into small groups of observers and builders. As the builders work to complete a fun task, observers will practice the observation techniques. When the builders’ challenge is complete, we’ll debrief and discuss, allowing plenty of time for observers to share their observations. We’ll then switch roles, so each participant has the opportunity to practice observing. If you are looking for new ways to connect with your team, to build skills to enhance your agilist toolkit, or simply to participate in a fun and informative workshop, this session is for you!

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