Agile is a team sport and in sports, the best teams are masters of strategy. Working with their coaches they develop 'play books'; a catalog of winning plays that they then master and select from when things don't go exactly according to plan.

In this fun and interactive workshop we'll introduce the 'Iteration Game'. Participants will learn how, when, and why to guide teams to develop their own custom 'play books'; a collection of named strategies to use on real projects that reduce cycle times and get more valuable stories across the 'finish line' before the iteration clock runs out.

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Jay Packlick spent the first twenty years of his career getting software done in a variety of roles. Excited by how much better everything was using Extreme Programming in 2001, he's dedicated the last twelve years of his career to learning and helping others implement better ways of getting stuff done. Currently an Enterprise Agile coach at Sabre, Jay uses an Integral approach to working with organizations to foster learning, increase agility at scale, and make durable changes. Jay’s found success focusing on the people side of the equation; putting into practice learning from diverse domains such as behavioral economics, Lean principles, Spiral Dynamics, the Toyota Kata, and the scientific application of cat videos.