Empathy - a core element of design thinking and a precondition for high-performance teams.
We instinctively recognize the impact of empathy - or more often its absence - but how do we develop this skill?
And what are we talking about when we use the word empathy - which of the eight recognized types matter most to us at work?

Join Andrew and Sue to explore and experience how this these questions can be resolved with tools such as the Empathy Toy. In an agile context, this has proven useful for:
- aligning product management, designers and customers
- generating common understanding amongst new team members (i.e., liftoff)
- improving skills at conflict resolution between team members
- generally improving communication amongst stakeholders.

What to expect:
A customized minds-on session that explores the specific challenge of developing empathy skill
A group play session that provide opportunities to observe and practice skills that are difficult to teach
Facilitated debrief session that helps you draw parallels between the game and your own work
Multiple opportunities to reflect on how to apply empathy, creative dialogue, and self-assessment in your work

Using the Empathy Toy as an example, we will demonstrate ways to create a shared experience that touches on communication, cognitive empathy and creating alignment between people and within teams.

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Sue Johnston helps you talk so people listen, listen so people talk and change the world, one conversation at a time. A professional coach and coach trainer, her interests have always been interpersonal communication and teamwork. A former journalist, she enjoyed a second career as an employee communication specialist, introducing technological, organizational and regulatory change in large financial institutions. That led to the launch of It's Understood Communication to help build better teams and organizations through improved interactions. With a background in IT, degrees in psych and business, professional training as a coach and a base in Waterloo, Ontario, Sue is now actively involved in the agile community and a regular conference speaker. Her popular learning programs in coaching and facilitation are accredited by ICAgile. She is the author of 'Talk To Me: Workplace Conversations That Work' and a partner in Leanintuit.