Every agile coach I know has a wellness practice. Almost all of them have experienced extreme stress and emotional pain as a direct result of coaching. Why does this thing we love hurt so much?

In this workshop, we will share experiences and practices around wellness and agile coaching. We will work in small groups to create a pamphlet which captures what we have learned and, as an entire group, we will decide how to share it with others. To model a wellness practice, I will share and we will all practice the Kasperowski/McCarthy Friendship Protocol, a ten minute daily practice that fosters connection, empathy, and love.

I will kick start our conversation by showing the results of a survey I sent to the agile community in which over 50% of the respondents said they experience significant stress every week, over 65% said they have felt down or low for two or more weeks at a time, and over 55% said they have had physical symptoms due to stress. The survey showed that agile coaches use four key wellness practices — meditation, exercise, nutrition, and sleep — and I will share evidence-based information about the effectiveness of these popular practices.

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